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Testing Services

Testing Services offers current SAIT students as well as students from other institutions flexible options to take exams. 

We abide by the following  AC.3.3.1 Invigilation and Security of Examinations Procedure and the AC.3.3.2 Distance Education Invigilation and Security of Examinations Procedure policies.


All on-campus exams and in-person inquiries are suspended until further notice.

What to expect when writing an exam

Our classroom-based testing environment is video-monitored, and our computers are equipped with LanSchool software to monitor activity, restrict access and help ensure exam integrity.

ID is required

Testing Services requires government or institution-issued identification (driver's license, passport, school ID card) and some institutions require us to view two pieces of identification.

If you're writing an external exam, please check with your company or institution and come prepared.

Only authorized materials are allowed

Only exam-specified materials (calculator, pencil, eraser) and a re-sealable drink container are allowed in the testing centre.

Examinees are not permitted to bring in electronic dictionaries, cell phones, smartwatches, music players or anything with wi-fi capabilities, along with other unauthorized materials — class notes, textbooks — unless the exam instructions explicitly state these items are allowed. Food and heavily scented objects are not permitted. Guests or children aren't allowed into the testing room — please have them wait outside and arrange for childcare before writing your exam.

If you have questions regarding permitted exam materials, please contact your instructor, institution or company.

Know the facilities

The testing centre consists of computer-based and paper-based exam rooms. We do our best to maintain proper testing conditions and can provide earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones by request. Access to water fountains and restrooms are nearby if required.

Be mindful of your exam time

We suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your booked exam start time. Depending on the exam, there may be penalties for arriving late. If you're significantly late, you may be required to reschedule your exam. Ensure you keep track of your exam time and finish the exam within the scheduled time limit.

Exam accommodations

If you have documented disabilities and require accommodations for your exam, please contact Accessibility Services.

Contact Testing Services

Testing Services Centre, MC221,  Stan Grad Centre

Hours of operation

Exam days Exam times 
Monday to Friday  8:00 AM - 4 PM 

*Current hours reflect virtual contact hours only. Online exam hours may vary.

SAIT offers admission testing services to prospective students seeking admission into full-time, apprenticeship and pre-employment programs. Applicants requesting prerequisite testing must be 17 years of age before the date of registration.

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A SAIT Student ID number is required to write prerequisite exams with Testing Services. If you don't have a SAIT student ID number, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Admission exams

SAIT admission exams are high school equivalency exams that can fulfil missing admission requirements for entry into a SAIT program or course. Admission exams are good for SAIT admission only and do not affect your high school transcripts.

Admissions exams are moving towards an online format. Please refer to the admissions guide for more details.

Available admission exams
Exam name Course code Exam length Provided materials Permitted materials
Biology 20 BIOL-001 2 hours formula sheet Non-programmable scientific calculator
Biology 30 BIOL-002 2 hours, 30 minutes formula sheet Non-programmable scientific calculator
Chemistry 20 CHEM-001 2 hours data booklet Programmable graphing calculator
Chemistry 30 CHEM-002 2 hours, 30 minutes data booklet Programmable graphing calculator
Math 10C MATH-001 2 hours formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
Math 20-1 MATH-002 2 hours formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
Math 20-2 MATH-003 2 hours formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
Math 20-3 MATH-004 2 hours formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
Math 30-1 MATH-005 2 hours, 30 minutes formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
Math 30-2 MATH-006 2 hours, 30 minutes formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
Physics 20 PHYS-001 2 hours formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
Physics 30 PHYS-002 2 hours, 30 minutes formula sheet Programmable graphing calculator
English 30* ENGL-004

Part A: 3 hours

Part B: 2 hours


Part A: English language dictionary and thesaurus (No translation dictionaries or spell check is permitted)

Part B: No materials permitted
Pre-employment/ Apprentice Level 2 (Cabinet/ Carpenter/ Welder) EXAM-001 3 hours formula sheet Non-programmable scientific calculator
Pre-employment/ Apprentice Level 4 (Machinist/ Millwright/ Plumbing) EXAM-002 3 hours formula sheet Non-programmable scientific calculator
Pre-employment/ Apprentice Level 5 (Electrician/ Refrigeration) EXAM-003 3 hours formula sheet Non-programmable scientific calculator
Professional Cooking and Baking Math n/a (paper-based exam) 1 hour, 30 minutes n/a Non-programmable scientific calculator

*The English 30 admission exam consists of a written response portion (part A) and a reading comprehension portion (part B). Part B must be written within 48 hours (2 business days) after Part A is completed.

Studying for an admission exam

SAIT does not provide study guides for admission exams. If you're taking an admission exam for high school equivalency, please refer to the Alberta Diploma Exam Guides for similar study materials. If you're taking an entrance exam for an apprenticeship or pre-employment program, please refer to the AIT Study Guide for a generalized idea of what to expect on the exam.

These study guides may not cover all the material on the exam. For more recommended resources, please contact us.

Before you book an admission exam

All admission exams are completed online through Brightspace (D2L), an online learning platform. You must register and pay for the online exam prior to writing your exam through the Office of the Registrar or via online registration through mySAIT.

Admission exams cost $50 per exam. Exams are recommended to be completed within five business days of the original payment date. Exams won't be released without payment.

SAIT admission exams can only be taken twice in a lifetime with a 90-day wait period in between attempts. You must complete your admission exam prior to your program's application deadline to be considered for selection for that term.

To be considered a high school course equivalent, your admission exam results must meet the minimum passing grade associated with the admission requirement for your specific program.

Please review your program's admission requirements before taking your SAIT admission exam. The apprentice technician and pre-employment admission exams require a 70% passing grade to coordinate with AIT standards.

Writing an admission exam

Writing an exam on campus

To write a SAIT admission exam at the SAIT Testing Centre, please book your exam using the book now button above. You must schedule your exam with at least 24 hours' notice.

Writing an exam off-campus

To write a SAIT admission exam off-campus, please contact us for further instruction. Testing Services will provide you with specific details on how to book an off-campus exam. You must schedule your exam with at least five business days notice.

Program-specific admission exams

Testing Services offers invigilation services for admission and aptitude exams specific to certain SAIT programs and courses. Your program coordinator will notify you if you are required to write your program-specific admission or aptitude exam with Testing Services.

Health Occupation Aptitude Exam (HOAE)

The Health Occupation Aptitude Exam (HOAE) provided by Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) is a mandatory pre-admission exam for the Respiratory Therapy, Primary Care Paramedic and Advanced Care Paramedic programs at SAIT. You must have received communication from your program coordinator, indicating that the HOAE exam is required for admission into your program to write this exam.

You must complete this exam before your selection package deadline to be considered for selection into the program. There is a mandatory fee to write this exam that must be paid directly to the Psychological Services Bureau. This fee varies depending on the proctoring method you use.

What to expect

The HOAE is an entirely online, closed book exam consisting of five timed sections:

  • Academic Aptitude — 40 minutes; 75 questions
  • Spelling — 15 minutes; 45 questions
  • Reading Comprehension — 35 minutes; 35 questions
  • Information in the Natural Sciences — 25 minutes; 60 questions
  • Vocational Adjustment Index — 15 minutes; 90 questions

Time does not carry over between sections. The exam is expected to be completed in 2 hours, and 10 minutes, however, the exam is booked for 2 hours and 30 minutes to account for exam debrief.

The only permitted materials for this exam are writing utensils and scrap paper. Writing tools and scrap paper will be provided by Testing Services.

Please visit the Psychological Services Bureau website to create a Student Testing Account before writing the exam. You can also access study guides and other support materials found under the Test Resources tab.

Writing an exam on campus

To write the HOAE exam at the SAIT Testing Centre, please review the instructions provided to you by your program coordinator. You must book your exam with at least 24 hours' notice.

Writing an exam off-campus

To write the HOAE exam off-campus, please review the instructions provided to you by your program coordinator, and submit all completed request forms to testing@sait.ca for review and further instructions. You must book your exam with at least five business days' notice.

Keyboard assessment

The keyboard assessment no longer requires proctoring by Testing Services. Please contact your program coordinator for more details.

English Proficiency

Testing Services does not directly handle bookings for English language proficiency assessments. Learn more about English Proficiency at SAIT.

Testing Services offers invigilation services for enrolled students and their instructors to cover a variety of circumstances and situations.

Accessibility Services

Students registered with Accessibility Services that have a valid accommodation memo and are registered in a SAIT program must book on-campus exams using the Accessibility Services exam booking process. Visit Accessibility Services to learn more.

Self-booked exams

Some blended learning courses offer students flexible booking options for their exams. If you are a student enrolled in one of these courses, follow the steps outlined below to book your exam. Your instructor will let you know if this is the booking option that is right for your course.

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Step 1: Contact your instructor

Ensure you are eligible to take a self-booked exam for your course. Contact your instructor and confirm that arrangements are in place for you to book your exam using the Testing Services self-serve scheduling platform.

Step 2: Book your exam

Book your exam using the book now button above. You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been successfully submitted.

Make-up exams

If you miss an in-class exam, your instructor can arrange a make-up exam for you. You must first contact your instructor to make arrangements as Testing Services cannot permit exam deferrals.

Once the arrangements are made, your instructor must submit the exam to Testing Services by following the exam submission instructions for instructors outlined below. Please ensure you confirm the finalized date and time of the exam with your instructor before arriving at the Testing Centre.

Challenge exams

If you are looking to take a supplemental exam to challenge an insufficient grade from a SAIT course taken in the previous semester, you must contact either your program's Academic Chair or your course department's front reception. Challenge exams are arranged through your course's associated department.

Off-campus exams

If you are unable to take a scheduled exam on campus, please contact your instructor for your options. Testing Services does not arrange exams with external proctors for currently enrolled students.

Exam submission instructions for instructors

SAIT instructors can submit exams to Testing Services by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Complete the invigilation form

Instructors must complete and submit a Testing Services invigilation form for every requested invigilation. Instructors are responsible for communicating any exam detail changes, including the date or time to students directly.

Regular invigilation forms can be requested through testing@sait.ca.

Students are not permitted to book their own missed or deferred exams.

If the student has a valid accommodation memo, the Accessibility Services exam booking process must be followed. An exam booking request will be sent to you via email once the student has submitted their exam booking request.

Step 2: Submit the exam

The invigilation form, exam and all additional exam materials must be submitted to Testing Services a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled test (48 hours in advance if the student has an accommodation memo) through one of the following methods.

Invigilation forms for online exams that do not require additional paper materials are considered complete exams and the invigilation form must still be delivered to Testing Services.

In-person delivery

You are welcome to print off the form and bring it with the exam and any other required materials to Testing Services in the Lamb Learner Success Centre, Room MC221, during our hours of operations.

Email delivery

Complete and email the invigilation form, exam, and exam materials to Testing Services. If you have multiple students taking the same exam, you must send one email per exam per student.

The subject of the email must include:

  • The exam date
  • The exam name
  • The student's first and last name

If the exam requires a scantron sheet, please include the scantron code on the invigilation form or in the body of the email. Testing Services will be able to match your exam to the appropriate scantron sheet.

Please note the following is not accepted:

  • Exams with incomplete invigilation forms
  • Exams without attached invigilation forms
  • Invigilation forms without attached exams
  • Exams delivered with insufficient notice

Step 3: Collect the exam

After the exam has been completed, exams will be held at the front desk of the Lamb Learner Success Centre in MC221. Please ensure to have staff ID when picking up your exam. Exams must be picked up by instructors and will not be returned by either interoffice mailing or scanning and emailing.

If you would like to designate another instructor or staff member to pick up an exam on your behalf, please indicate the designated party's name in the special instructions section of the invigilation form before exam submission.

If the exam is not picked up after a week (5 business days), they will be returned to the listed instructor's department.

If the exam is completed online, and there are no other accompanying materials, you are not required to pick up the completed invigilation form. If you don't intend to pick up a completed invigilation form, please indicate that in the special instructions section before the exam submission.

An external exam that comes from another institution or company other than SAIT requires a SAIT invigilator or proctor for supervision.

Testing Services will distribute, invigilate and collect exams for external organizations and other universities and colleges.

Please be advised that individual institutions make use of SAIT facilities but do not work in collaboration with the Testing Centre. Check with your institution or organization before booking an exam to see that they aren't working with another department.

Arranging your external exam

Step 1: Contact your institution

Confirm with your institution or company that you wish to write an exam at SAIT. Please follow the steps and requirements needed for taking an external exam by your institution before contacting Testing Services with your request.

Step 2: Email your booking request

Email us with the following information:

  • Examinee name
  • Examinee contact information
  • Institution name
  • Institution student ID # (if applicable)
  • Exam name
  • Course code (if applicable)
  • Whether the exam is online or paper-based
  • Any required materials (if applicable)
  • Any additional details regarding your exam (if applicable)
  • Requested exam date
  • Requested exam time
  • Length of exam

Please include all documents or proctor forms from your institution that need to be completed by Testing Services in your email.

You will receive an email response within five business days and we'll advise you of any issues or concerns at that time. We ask that all exam requests are sent with 10 business days notice to ensure we have enough time to process your request. Requests sent less than five business days before the requested writing date will be rejected.

Step 3: Arrange exam delivery

If your request is accepted, exam delivery must be arranged by you and your institution — this includes the return of all documents and proctor forms to your exam coordinator at your institution. Please note that when we accept your exam booking request, this does not confirm that your exam is available at our institution — we are only confirming that your seat is booked within our centre. Please ensure to contact your institution or company to confirm the delivery status of your exam.

Step 4: Pay the sitting fee

There is a $100 sitting fee per exam. You must let us know in advance of the exam as to who is covering invigilation fees, including any courier or mailing fees. If you are responsible for the cost of the exam, the fee must be paid to Testing Services before writing your exam.

If any paper documents are to be returned to your institution by mail, Testing Services must be provided with a pre-paid envelope before we release your exam. If your institution indicates that you are responsible for covering courier or mailing fees, please confirm the type of envelope your institution requires you to provide. Testing Services will not cover courier or mailing fees in the event incorrect postage or envelopes are provided.

Step 5: Return completed exams

Testing Services does not keep copies of completed external exams. Completed exams returned by mail will be returned with the postage and envelope provided by the student or institution. We are not liable for exams lost due to shipping issues.

Contact External Exams

Testing Services Centre, MC221, Stan Grad Building

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