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Action-based learning

SAIT's School of Health and Public Safety is a leader in patient simulation education and offers practical, hands-on training in modern laboratory facilities and two state-of-the-art centres of excellence. 

Patient Care Simulator lab

The Centre for Advanced Patient Care Simulation lab provides students with an immersive learning opportunity in a clinical environment and in a fully functional treatment area within the back of an ambulance. The Centre is stocked with sophisticated and realistic patient simulation manikins that can mimic human physiological parameters such as breathing, pulses, blinking, speaking. Students interact with the manikins as they would real patients, assessing, making treatment decisions, and then applying the treatment and observing responses, all within a typical health care team setting.

The philosophy of the Centre is to provide students with a realistic environment in which they can safely make mistakes and learn from them, better preparing them for experience in the real world. Students are challenged with difficult patient care problems that can be recreated again and again until confidence and competence are achieved. Students typically find the simulation environment one of the most challenging and enjoyable parts of their learning at SAIT.

Centre for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

The Centre for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging offers students real-world x-ray, ultrasound and nuclear medicine technology experience in a clinical setting. Five labs and two classrooms provide students with hands-on training. These spaces represent the health care and clinical environment they will encounter during practicum placements and in their careers. With continuous upgrades funded from Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, and donors such as Agfa Canada, SAIT students are better prepared for the workforce with training on modern equipment. SAIT also helped improve health care in Guatemala through the donation of two of our used ultrasound machines.

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Dental clinic

Students at SAIT offer cost-effective dental services at our campus clinic from January to May. The services are intended to complement your regular dental visits.

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Awards and recognition

Lifesaver Award

The School of Health and Public Safety’s Lifesaver Award recognizes SAIT alumni, staff, faculty or students who have provided life-saving assistance in an emergency situation anywhere in the world. Nominations can be submitted year-round and recipients are selected and notified by the Dean, School of Health and Public Safety.

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Dean's Award for Innovation and Change

The Dean's Award for Innovation and Change is granted to applicants who are currently enrolled in any School of Health and Public Safety program and who have shown innovation, leadership, teamwork and the ability to promote positive change in their community, school or organization. Nominations are welcome, and awards are granted in September and December each year.


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Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

The School of Health and Public Safety strives to build an environment that embraces and honors the diversity in our community, where everyone truly belongs. We are committed to placing human rights, reconciliation, and dignity at the center of all that we do. Diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences enrich the community of students, healthcare partners, faculty, and staff.

HPS encourages staff, students, alumni, and partners to show up as their authentic selves and to make it easy for others to do the same. We will continually work to remove barriers and create a safe environment where people can experience personal and professional growth. We recognize an inclusive environment requires ongoing attention, reflection, and contribution from everyone. Please join us in our focus, call us on our faults, and celebrate with us our collective efforts.

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