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SAIT's School for Advanced Digital Technology prepares students, citizens, and our communities for the promise of a digital society. Here, we'll share articles, case studies, resources, and digital trends that are shaping the future — and put them in context so you can action them today.

Alberta is the new Hollywood and SAIT is on set

Watch Under the Banner of Heaven closely, and you still won’t see SAIT alumna Umesh Thamotharam (FVP ’21) lurking in the background. He’ll have to tell you where he was hiding.

Meeting Calgary’s demand for tech talent

From working with industry to launching new programs — SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology is ready to answer the growing demand for tech talent.

Four trends to track for careers in tech

Propel your career forward with these areas of growth

This time next century ...

LINK takes a look ahead during Heritage Hall's centennial year.

S. Preston: Minimalist creations

Sports artist S. Preston (CTSR '96) - who created the minimalist Heritage Hall on this issue's cover — taps deep into what makes fans feel euphoric about their favourite teams.

5 in-demand tech careers that get you hired

According to a new study by the Alberta Enterprise Corporation, our province is now home to 3,000 tech companies — that’s an increase of 233% since 2012. But what does it mean for career opportunities?

What works recap: So you want to start a podcast

SAIT alumni share their podcasting know-how — from conception to production.

Why you should consider a Product Management career

Product Managers are problem-solvers, question-askers, and innovators. They are smart, creative, entrepreneurial people asking and challenging, “why are we doing it this way, and how can we do it better?”

DQ 101: Digital Rights

Rules and regulations can feel more allusive in the digital world, but online actions have real-world consequences. Discover why understanding Digital Rights is crucial to using technology. This article explores how Digital Rights manifests at each maturity level — Citizen, Creator and Competitor

DQ 101: Digital Literacy

In the same way you need basic knowledge to read and write — you need foundational skills to use digital tools and platforms to take part in our increasingly tech-driven society. This article explores how Digital Literacy manifests at each maturity level — Citizen, Creator and Competitor.

The human side of advancing tech

Leaders of SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology are readying students to make a big impact on Alberta’s future

DQ 101: Digital Emotional Intelligence

Humans are social, emotional beings. How do our feelings affect the way we navigate the digital world? That’s where Digital Emotional Intelligence comes in. This article explores how Digital Emotional Intelligence manifests at each maturity level — Citizen, Creator and Competitor.

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