Science Rendezvous and the Calgary Million Tree Project

An annual celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services team is proud to host these family-friendly activities in Calgary.

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About Science Rendezvous

Working with Canada's top research institutes, including SAIT, Science Rendezvous is Canada's largest celebration from coast to coast. In 2019, more than 215,000 participants took part in the one-day festival.

The SAIT Science Rendezvous Committee includes members of SAIT's Corporate Development, Applied Research and International (CDARI) division and the Centre for Energy Research and Clean Unconventional Technology Solutions (CERCUTS).

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The Calgary Million Tree Project

The Million Tree Project (MTP) is an initiative of Science Rendezvous (SR). This Canada-wide Experiment will spark a million conversations about trees, the environment and climate science and create action! Over the next ten years, SR invites everyone to learn, connect, conserve, plant and care for trees in their communities across Canada.

By engaging community partners, MTP will develop robust learning materials and opportunities to participate through art, citizen science monitoring efforts, conservation, seed sourcing, starting seedlings and planting trees. MTP will connect communities, youth, educators and science promoters throughout the world to

About the Million Tree Project

  • The Million Tree Project contributes to fostering a strong science culture.
  • Activities will be designed to maximize collaboration with municipalities, community organizations, schools, and other science outreach partners worldwide.
  • Tree, environment and climate science will be the tools to spark interest and direct further learning across various science fields among elementary and secondary school students.
  • The Million Tree Project will establish a unique and direct link to teachers and researchers as a staple in their curricula to engage their students in science.
  • The project will allow children worldwide to play an active role in a nature-based climate solution and participate in an international project.
  • The project serves as a national platform to showcase individual, school and community efforts and to build confidence, curiosity and resilience by becoming caring citizens of our planet and our communities.

Local partners

SAIT Applied Research and Innovation Services is currently exploring MTP and looking for community partners to engage and support the initiatives. Here are some ways to support this:

  • Development of partnerships: Expand the network of partners that wish to collaborate through shared messaging, information, engagement, and more.
  • Local tree science education: Identify existing educational resources or create new resources on local tree sciences that can support our community members.
  • Community engagement: Find links to communities, schools, and other groups to engage in MTP activities.
  • Planting of trees: Collaborate with local growers to source appropriate trees for our ecosystem and make them accessible to individuals and groups interested in planting trees.
  • Activities and events: Collaborate with organizing and cross-promoting events in the Calgary and surrounding area.
  • Share your strengths: Share organizations' unique ideas and methods to support the MTP.

Current partners


Educational resources

Here are links to some educational resources to get you started:

Potential funding programs

Here’s a list of potential resources that may be able to provide some funding support for a tree-planting project in your community:



Wildlife Preservation Canada WPC Native Wildflower Seed Grants
Tree Canada Greening Canada School Grounds
Tree Canada Edible Trees
Tree Canada Treemendous Communities
Scotts Canada Gro for Good
WWF Go Wild School Grants

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Roots & Shoots A.P.E Fund

Learning for a Sustainable Future

Action Project Funding

Whole Kids Foundation

Garden Grant Program
TD TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grant
Evergreen 1% Seeds of Change Grant Program

Wildlife Habitat Canada

Habitat Conservation Grants

Government of Canada

EcoAction Community Funding Program

Government of Canada

Growing Canada's Forests - 2 Billion Trees Program

Alberta EcoTrust

Alberta EcoTrust Environmental Grant Program
Fortis Alberta Community Naturalization and Tree Planting Grants
Fortis Alberta Green Up school grants
CN ExoCONNEXIONS - From the Ground Up

Alberta Emerald Foundation

Emerald Youth Grants

Do you know of other grants that should be part of this list? Contact or so we can share with others.

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