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Students collaborate to create the best business plan for their capstone project.

Business Administration

Waitlisted for Fall 2020

Open for Winter 2021

Length: 2 Years
Credential: Diploma
Available: Full Time Classroom

Program Highlights

Gain practical business knowledge in courses blending theory and hands-on learning in the core areas of business including economics, communication and organizational behaviour. Build a career in one of six majors - accounting, financial services, human resource management, management, marketing or supply chain management.  

*This program is also available through part-time studies.

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Tuition and fees per year*

Year 1: $6,130 
Year 2: $6,130

Year 1 (International): $18,803
Year 2 (International): $18,803

*Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change

Full costs

Tuition and financial aid


This is a direct entry program. Applicants who meet the admission requirements are offered spots based on first qualified, first acceptance if space is available.

When can you apply?

  • Applications for Fall 2020 open Oct. 2, 2019 until the program start date.
  • Applications for Winter 2021 open March 30, 2020 until the program start date.
Term Program start
Fall 2020 Sept. 8, 2020
Winter 2021 Jan. 11, 2021
Spring 2021 May 10, 2021
  • Students enrolled in Fall intake will complete two semesters followed by a semester break
  • Students enrolled in Winter intake will complete two semesters followed by a semester break
  • Students enrolled in Spring intake will complete three semesters followed by a semester break.

Why choose SAIT Business

Students in SAIT's School of Business gain practical business knowledge as well as interpersonal, organizational, technological and decision-making skills needed to succeed in today's fast-changing global business environment.

Under the guidance of instructors with real-world experience, students learn to apply theory in actual business situations through simulations, case studies, team projects and hands-on training. They develop an essential understanding of core business topics such as accounting, economics, management, marketing, organizational behaviour, productivity tools and technology, and communication skills.

Program Details

Program description

Get essential business skills in the Business Administration diploma. Discover the key areas of how businesses operate with practical coursework and gain a solid foundation to start your career. Engage in small classes with active, collaborative coursework - learning from faculty with real business experience. You work in teams to deliver projects, present strategies and meet business goals.

You start with a common first year to build core business skills. In year two, you become proficient in your choice of major: Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing or Supply Chain Management.

You begin the program with a small business simulation. Then you progress to your final capstone course: a global simulation of an international enterprise where you make all decisions from manufacturing and production to hiring your workforce, determining pricing and promotional strategy and more. You graduate ready to start a great business career with the option to ladder into a business degree.

Program brochure

Explore our brochure for the Business Administration Diploma program — open in a new window, download or scroll to search and find the information you are looking for.


Business Administration diploma students can choose between the following majors:


Gain intermediate-level accounting skills and a practical understanding of how to analyze a company's performance using financial information. You graduate ready to enter CPA's Advanced Certificate in Finance and Accounting program. You can apply to SAIT's Bachelor of Business Administration degree in order to pursue the CPA designation.

Career: accountant, accounting clerk, bookkeeper, business analyst, payroll clerk, royalty analyst, tax accountant

Financial Services

Build skills to succeed in the financial services industry. You can write the Investment Funds in Canada (IFIC) exam to sell mutual funds. You graduate ready for an entry-level position in financial planning, retail or corporate banking, investing, insurance, trusts or compliance.

Contact: Fraud investigator, financial planner, financial services representative, insurance claims representative, mortgage assistant, personal banking specialist

Human Resource Management

Develop skills in human resource (HR) management through an understanding of the recruitment process, the role of employee training and development, employment law, and HR information management systems. Graduates can launch their HR career in areas such as recruiting, training, payroll and more.

Career: benefits advisor, HR coordinator, payroll coordinator, recruiter


Develop general management skills in project management, international management, human resources and leadership. You graduate ready to launch a career in human resources, administration, operations, projects, and more in any industry. You can pursue a Certified in Management (CIM) designation.

Career: account manager, conference director, management trainee, operations manager, project coordinator, purchasing specialist, store manager


Explore marketing fundamentals and apply the latest trends in brand management, strategic marketing, research and planning. You graduate ready for a career in public relations, media, advertising, sales, promotions, events and more. You can pursue a Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) designation.

Career: advertising coordinator, business analyst, business development advisor, marketing and communications specialist, marketing coordinator, online advertising sales representative

Supply Chain Management

Learn how to build, maintain and support an efficient supply chain process. You graduate with an understanding of operations, procurement, logistics, performance analytics, and quality management. You can pursue a career in a variety of industries including transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, and more.

Career: buyer, commodity manager, inventory analyst, logistics coordinator, supply chain analyst, procurement specialist

Student success

To achieve success in this program, students should:

  • attend and actively participate in all classes
  • spend five to eight hours per week on each course outside of regular class time
  • be proficient in Windows and Microsoft Office
  • be prepared to work in teams
  • become familiar and adhere to SAIT’s policies and procedures
  • have strong written and oral communication skills.

If you are engaged in campus life and take advantage of SAIT services and resources, you may be more likely to experience success in SAIT's programs.

Credentials and accreditation

After successfully completing this program, graduates will receive a SAIT Business Administration diploma.

Graduates will have the opportunity to pursue a variety of professional designations, depending on their major. Additional exams, education or work requirements may apply for earning a designation or certification. Completion of a degree is required in some cases.

  • Accounting major students can pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Professional Education Program, upon completion of a degree. See SAIT's Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Applied Business Administration (Accounting).
  • Financial Services major students will have the opportunity to complete the Investment Funds in Canada (IFIC) exam. The Financial Planning Standards Council recognizes the program as meeting the Core Curriculum requirements for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification.
  • Human Resource Management (no formal agreement in place): Graduates can pursue a number of designations including: Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR), and Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP). A degree is required in some cases.
  • Management (no formal agreement in place): Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Canadian Institute of Management (CIM)
  • Marketing: Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
  • Supply Chain Management (no formal agreement in place): Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP), Professional Logistician (P.Log), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

Transfer options

The opportunity to advance your education through transferring to, within or from SAIT is available. Visit Transfer Options to learn more.


Have questions about this specific program?

School of Business

Admission Requirements

Admission and selection

  • Applications are accepted until the program start date.
  • Winter 2021 start: applications open March 30, 2020.
  • Fall 2020 start: applications open Oct. 2, 2019.

Admission requirements

Completion of the following courses or equivalents:

  • At least 50% in Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 or Pure Math 30, or at least 60% in Applied Math 30 and,
  • At least 50% in English Language Arts 30-1, or at least 60% in English Language Arts 30-2
  • all applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.

SAIT accepts high school course equivalents for admission. If you don't meet the requirements, consider Academic Upgrading.

SAIT evaluates international documents for admissions. After you've applied, consider our international document assessment service if your education is from outside of Canada. 

Are you an international student? Check out our ELF and BA Plus program

Direct entry: four-step process

Step 1: Read the program information to see the qualities needed for student success.

Step 2: Ensure that you meet all of the admission requirements listed above.

Step 3: Apply to Business Administration and submit your transcripts and or final anticpated grades.

  • Admission will be extended on a first-qualified, first-offered basis until the program is full.

Step 4: Continue to monitor changes to your application status through mySAIT.ca.

Communication during selection

Email is the primary source of communication during the selection process. Ensure your personal email account is managed appropriately to receive our emails, files and communications. We recommend you add business@sait.ca and the sait.ca domain to your safe senders' list or you risk missing critical email messages.


Program outline

This program consists of 60 credits (20 courses). Students take a common first year with an elective option in second semester. In second year they specialize in one of the following majors:

First year

Semester 1 - Common

Course code Course name Credit
ACCT-215 Introductory Financial Accounting I 3.0
BCMP-225 Business Productivity Tools and Technology 3.0
BMAT-230 Business Mathematics 3.0
COMN-220 Communication and Presentation Skills 3.0
MNGT-200 Introduction to Business 3.0
Semester 1 total 15.0

  Semester 2 - Common

Course code Course name Credit
ECON-250 Microeconomics 3.0
MKTG-260 Marketing Essentials 3.0
MNGT-250 Organizational Behaviour 3.0
STAT-270 Quantitative Methods 3.0
Electives (Choose 1 of 5)
ACCT-255 Introductory Financial Accounting II 3.0
BFIN-255 Personal Financial Planning 3.0
MKTG-275 Marketing You 3.0
MNGT-255 Introduction to Management 3.0
SCMT-255 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3.0
Semester 2 total 15.0
First year total 30.0

Accounting major

Second year

Semester 3

Course code Course name Credit
ACCT-315 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3.0
ACCT-338 Introductory Management Accounting 3.0
BLAW-300 Business Law 3.0
ECON-305 Macroeconomics 3.0
MNGT-322 Information Systems  3.0
Semester 3 total 15.0


Semester 4

Course code Course name Credit
ACCT-350 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3.0
ACCT-380 Intermediate Management Accounting 3.0
FNCE-390 Finance Management 3.0
MNGT-395 Managing Strategically 3.0
Electives (Choose 1 of 3)
ACCT-375 Introduction to Taxation 3.0
ACCT-395 Computer Accounting Software 3.0
PHIL-241 Critical Thinking 3.0
Semester 4 - Accounting major -  total 15.0
Second year - Accounting major - total 30.0
Program - Accounting major - total 60.0

Financial Services major

Second year

Semester 3

Course code Course name Credit
ACCT-375 Introduction to Taxation 3.0
BFIN-333 Money and Banking 3.0
BFIN-341 Risk Management and Retirement Planning 3.0
BLAW-300 Business Law 3.0
ECON-305 Macroeconomics 3.0
Semester 3 - Financial Services Major -  Total 15.0

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credit
BFIN-356 Mutual Funds and Securities 3.0
BFIN-360 Relationship Selling 3.0
BFIN-380 Financial Planning Process and Estate Planning 3.0
BFIN-386 Integrated Finance 3.0
MNGT-395 Managing Strategically 3.0
Semester 4 - Financial Services Major - Total 15.0
Second Year - Financial Services Major - Total 30.0
Program - Financial Services Major - Total 60.0

Human Resource Management Major

Second Year

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credit
BLAW-300 Business Law 3.0
ECON-305 Macroeconomics 3.0
LDSH-360 Business Leadership 3.0
MNGT-321 Project Management 3.0
MNGT-322 Information Systems 3.0
Semester 3 - Human Resource Management Major -  Total 15.0

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credit
ELAW-350 Employment Law 3.0
HRMT-300 Talent Management I: Recruitment and Selection 3.0
HRMT-350 Human Resource Information Management 3.0
HRMT-360 Talent Management II: Training and Development 3.0
MNGT-395 Managing Strategically 3.0
Semester 4 - Human Resource Management Major - Total 15.0
Second Year - Human Resource Management Major - Total 30.0
Program - Human Resource Management Major - Total 60.0

Management Major

Second Year

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credit
BFIN-301 Finance for Managers 3.0
BLAW-300 Business Law 3.0
ECON-305 Macroeconomics 3.0
HRMT-320 Human Resource Management 3.0
MNGT-321 Project Management 3.0
Semester 3 - Management Services Major -  Total 15.0


Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credit
LDSH-360 Business Leadership  3.0
MNGT-360 International Business 3.0
MNGT-395 Managing Strategically 3.0
Electives (Choose 2 of 4)
ENTR-350 Entrepreneurship 3.0
ECON-355 Economic Development Fundamentals 3.0
MNGT-367 Municipal Structures and Governance 3.0
MNGT-370 Principles of Supply Chain Management 3.0
Semester 4 – Management Major – Total 15.0
Second Year – Management Major – Total 30.0
Program – Management Major Total 60.0

Marketing Major

Second Year

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credit
BLAW-300 Business Law 3.0
ECON-305 Macroeconomics 3.0
MKTG-306 Brand Management 3.0
MKTG-336 Marketing Action 3.0
MKTG-340 Consumer Behaviour 3.0
Semester 3 - Marketing Major - Total 15.0

  Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credit
MKTG-322 Marketing Research 3.0
MKTG-375 Integrated Marketing Communications 3.0
MKTG-380 Strategic Marketing 3.0
MNGT-395 Managing Strategically 3.0
Electives (Choose 1 of 3)
ENTR-350 Entrepreneurship 3.0
MKTG-366 Business Development 3.0
MNGT-370 Principles of Supply Chain Management 3.0
Semester 4 - Marketing Major -  Total 15.0
Second Year - Marketing Major -  Total 30.0
Program - Marketing Major -  Total 60.0

Supply Chain Management Major

Second Year

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credit
BLAW-300 Business Law 3.0
ECON-305 Macroeconomics 3.0
SCMT-300 Operations Planning and Scheduling 3.0
SCMT-310 Logistics I 3.0
SCMT-370 Procurement I 3.0
Semester 3 - Supply Chain Management Major -  Total 15.0

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credit
MNGT-395 Managing Strategically 3.0
SCMT-320 Quality: A Supply Chain Perspective 3.0
SCMT-350 Operational Performance Analytics 3.0
SCMT-360 Professional Practice in Supply Chain Management 3.0
SCMT-380 Materials Management 3.0
Semester 4 - Supply Chain Management Major - Total 15.0
Second Year - Supply Chain Management Major - Total 30.0
Program - Supply Chain Management Major - Total 60.0


Students must attain a PGPA and/or a CGPA of 2.0 or better in each semester and pass the necessary prerequisite courses to progress through the program. To qualify for graduation, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete course requirements within the prescribed timelines.


Domestic Tuition and Fees*

Year Tuition fees SAIT fees Saitsa fees Health & Dental Plan 2020/21 total
1 $4,908 $682 $288 $252 $6,130
2 $4,908 $682 $288 $252 $6,130

International Tuition and Fees*

Year Tuition fees SAIT fees Saitsa fees Health & Dental Plan 2020/21 total
1 $17,373 $682 $288 $460 $18,803
2 $17,373 $682 $288 $460 $18,803


Campus athletic and recreation Fee: $171.20
Universal transit pass (UPass): $310 - Check eligibility here.
Student support fee: $100
Student technology fee: $100

Health and Dental Fees

Domestic Students 

  • Health Plan: $122
  • Dental Plan: $130
  • For students with existing health and/or dental plans, please refer to the Saitsa website for information on opting out.

International Students 

  • Health and Dental Plan: $460
  • For more information on Health and Dental Benefits for International students please contact the International Centre.

Books and supplies*

*Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change.

Next steps for incoming students

Have you been accepted to this program? Here's what you'll need for your first day of classes.

Important dates and deadlines

Find important dates applicable to all students, including your transcript and tuition payment deadlines on our Important Dates page.

Important Dates

Fall 2020

Orientation date

Thursday, Sept. 3


All classes in this program will be delivered online for the Fall 2020 term due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated health and safety guidelines.

How to register for classes

You'll follow an adjustable block registration process to enrol in your classes. Learn how to register on our registration and schedules page.

Computers and laptops

This is a bring your own device program with a standard hardware and software requirement. See the specific requirements on our computers and laptops page

Preparation courses

To support your success, SAIT offers some short courses before classes start, including PREP 100: The SAIT Experience and ETHI 110: SAIT Ethical Practices. 

Required textbooks

The Fall 2020 booklist will be available about two weeks before classes start. We recommend you wait to buy your books until your first few days of classes and speak with your instructors.


For any questions, or to set up a virtual advising appointment, please contact our School of Business Advising Centre.

Phone: 403.284.8485
Email: business.advising@sait.ca

Academic chair

Rose Campbell, Academic Chair
Email: rose.campbell@sait.ca

Inspiring Stories

An advantageous meeting at a SAIT networking event lead Madilynn to a career opportunity with 2012 Outstanding Young Alumnus, Desmond Nwaerondu at Sunlife Financial. Madilynn says Desmond inspired her to attend the program in a video she viewed ahead of applying. She began working part-time with Nwaerondu during her second semester — a position that is now full-time. 

Taking on roles as president of a business club and SAITSA Vice President, External, Garrett has fully immersed himself in student life. He's enjoyed the collaborative, inclusive environment on campus and feels his time at SAIT has really shown him his worth going into the workforce. He's continuing his studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. 

Cherobim wanted to work in the transportation and logistics field which led him to the Supply Chain Management major. His biggest takeaway from his program was the industry tours which he felt gave him a bigger picture of the type of work he would be involved in upon graduation. 

Smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with instructors is what drew Ashley to the Business Administration program at SAIT. She plans to pursue her mutual funds license and become a Certified Financial Planner.

Daniel's biggest takeaway from his program was building on his public speaking skills. 

Having the option to complete her diploma then acquire some work experience before deciding whether to move onto the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program is what drew Sol to SAIT. 

Catherine took advantage of SAIT's flexible learning options with evening and online courses to complete her Business Administration diploma. She enjoyed being able to fit her classwork into her schedule and work at her own pace. 

Attending SAIT is a family tradition for Kayla — her parents and older brother also attended the institution. She felt a Marketing focus in Business Administration would help her tap into her creative side in her career. 

Kaylin didn't enter her Business Administration diploma with a focus in mind, but quickly discovered Supply Chain Management was the field for her while she learned more about it during her first year. She hopes her career in Supply Chain Management will help her travel the world. 

Chad plans to transfer into SAIT's Bachelor of Business Administration degree program to continue his studies. 

After graduation, Ashley secured a position with Calgary's Meals on Wheels as a Human Resources assistant. She would like to remain in the non-profit industry, fostering positive work experiences for her colleagues. 

Ross liked the focus of the program that he says was concise and covered exactly what he needed to know through both theory and hands-on learning.

Working while going to school was important to Ninar who appreciated SAIT gave her the flexible schedule she needed.

SAIT's reputation for applied learning was behind Juan's decision to attend. With a job secured before graduation, he could immediately translate his skills from school right to his work.

After the two-year program, Josh graduated with a "good knowledge base" and an eagerness to work his way up the career ladder.

From the first day, Sarah felt welcomed on the grounds and in her classes. On graduating, she says she knows the workforce will be just as welcoming considering her alma mater.

International student Cedrine appreciated how her instructors have worked in many different fields and brought that varied expertise to the classroom.

In an industry where everything is constantly changing due to social media and other marketing streams, Danielle valued the material used in her program was up-to-date.

Madilynn Cederberg-Ianni
Business Administration (Financial Services major) | 2018

"I went to a networking event here at SAIT and Desmond Nwaerondu (BA '12) was one of the speakers there. I spoke to him and he gave me his business card," she says. "I now work for him as his assistant." 

Garrett Koehler
Business Administration (Human Resources major) | 2018

"Being in a culture that encouraged me to look for and seek new opportunities has put me into the place I am now," he says. "I'm very glad I went here." 

Cherobim Deala
Business Administration (Supply Chain Management major) | 2018

"I believe SAIT is one of the best schools in Calgary," he says. "The technology and hands-on learning is pretty cool and awesome. Our teachers are more experienced in their field and that motivates us to work harder." 

Ashley Mah
Business Administration (Financial Services major) | 2018

"I had a good experience at SAIT," she says. "I liked the diversity of all the different types of people. It's a happy atmosphere." 

Daniel Powers
Business Administration (Marketing major) | 2018

"I liked the group work a lot. We did a project for Big Rock Brewery," he says. "You have to come up with a flavour for the beer and design for the bottle. That was my favourite part." 

Sol Digaoan
Business Administration (Financial Services major) | 2018

"I got an offer at an insurance agency so I'm going to give that a try," she says. "I volunteered for them last year." 

Catherine White
Business Administration (Accounting major) | 2018

"I've been working in accounting for a long time, but wanted to fill in the holes and take courses that helped me understand more," she says. "I've gotten a few opportunities at work that I might not have had if I hadn't taken these courses." 

Kayla Schwartzenberger
Business Administration (Marketing major) | 2018

"I like the hands-on experience that we get — real world applications that we get in the program doing our projects with actual companies," she says. "I found that really interesting and more applicable to the work world." 

Kaylin Martinsen
Business Administration (Supply Chain Management major) | 2018

"I'm hoping with my supply chain management knowledge I can get into the music industry in an area like music store supply or doing concert venues or Calgary Stampede show band — moving them around the world," she says. 

Chad Visser
Business Administration (Management major) | 2018

"It was nice to know every instructor knew your name rather than being another number on a page," he says. "You truly feel valued here." 

Ashley Bosworth
Business Administration (Human Resources major) | 2018

"The teachers have actual experience in the workforce — they're not just professors," she says. "They tell us what we're getting into once we leave SAIT, so that's kind of nice." 

Ross Gudwer
Business Administration | 2017

"It felt good to do mock presentations and mock business plans. It gave me an idea of what it's like in the workforce."

Ninar Chaachouh
Business Administration | 2017

The small classes and combination of theory with practical knowledge was important. "It's better than lectures," she says.

Juan Giraldo
Business Administration | 2017

"I was able to take everything I learned and apply it on a day-to-day basis," he says. "My growth and development through the program was life-changing."

Josh Giesbrecht
Business Administration | 2017

"It has prepared me well to start."

Sarah Pohl
Business Administration | 2017

"Being a grad from SAIT opens doors for you that other schools won't."

Cedrine Hauenstein
Business Administration | 2017

"They have lots of knowledge and can tell you how it'll be in the real world."

Danielle Desjardins
Business Administration | 2017

"The material was current. You learned what's happening right now," she says. "For marketing, it's important to stay current."

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