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Mentoring - LDSH 151

Course Description

A mentor is someone who has expertise that will benefit another person. Successful mentoring programs encourage employee engagement, spread institutional wisdom and develop organizational performance. Mentored individuals typically are more committed to the organization, adapt more easily to organizational change and demonstrate accountability. Participants in this course will be able to distinguish mentoring from other leadership and management tools, and create successful learning partnerships that will empower performance through accountability. You will be provided with a copy of "The Elements of Mentoring" by W. Brad Johnson and Charles R. Ridley to support the course objectives. Mentoring topics to be covered include: distinguishing mentoring from supervising, training, and managing; explaining the phases of mentoring; supporting powerful goal setting; creating partnerships; managing the mentoring relationship and using tools to increase creativity, problem solving and decision making.

Credits: 0


Classroom or Online

Course Fees

$415 Domestic students

$415 International students

*Fees subject to change


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