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Students learn computer fundamentals for Integrated Library Technology.

Library Information Technology Diploma


Credential: Diploma
Available: Continuing Education Online

Program Description

Information navigation is a high-tech adventure and a sought-after skill! Industry needs technicians who can quickly find answers to questions asked by everyone, from students to CEOs. The two-year Library Information Technology Diploma is now available on a part-time basis through distance education. Check out the Library Information Technology Diploma (Part-Time) for more information on the distance education option. 

Careers: Librarian | Library Technician | Technical Support Analyst

To complete the diploma, students must take all the required courses plus 3 electives. 

Communicating in the Workplace COMM-352 Online
Communication and Presentation Skills COMN-220 Classroom, Online or Blended
Computer Fundamentals COMP-220 Classroom, Online or Blended
Online Database Searching DATA-375 Classroom or Online
Introduction to Libraries LIBR-200 Online
Bibliographic Description and Access I LIBR-202 Online
Library Information Services I LIBR-235 Online
Integrated Library Technology LIBR-251 Online
Bibliographic Description and Access II LIBR-252 Online
Library Operations LIBR-297 Online
Bibliographic Description and Access III LIBR-302 Classroom or Online
Library Technology Customer Service LIBR-305 Classroom or Online
Design Web Tools for Libraries LIBR-320 Classroom or Online
Managing Digital Content LIBR-323 Online
Library Information Services II LIBR-335 Online
Advanced Information and Records Management MGMT-215 Classroom or Online
Fundamentals of Information and Records Management MGMT-244 Online
Library Marketing MKTG-360 Classroom or Online
Information Management Administration MMGT-350 Classroom or Online
Practicum Preparation PRAC-320 Online
Library Practicum PRAC-392  Online

Services for Children & Young Adults LIBR-315 Online
Collection Development for Adults LIBR-260 Online
Storytelling LIBR-330 Online
Library & Information Technology Project  I LIBR-349 Online
Public Libraries LIBR-351 Online
Library & Information Technology Project II LIBR-399 Online


School of Information and Communications Technologies


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