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Power Engineering Third Class 3A1 - PWEN 130

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Course Description



This 3rd Class Power Engineering course provides you with the supplemental education you may need to be successful in writing your Government Exam for A1.

This course includes topics:

  • Algebra Operations, Logarithms and Problem Solving
  • Trigonometry
  • Mensuration
  • Forces and Friction
  • Work, Power, Energy and Linear and Angular Motion
  • Strength of Materials, Bending of Beams
  • Simple Machines; Pressure, Density, Flow
  • Heat, State Change, Calorimetry
  • Thermal Expansion and Heat Transfer
  • Steam Properties and Calculations
  • Gas Laws and Calculations
  • Chemistry Fundamentals
  • Metallurgy and Materials
  • Corrosion Principles
  • Industrial Drawings

Please note that students are unable to transfer between Classroom and Distance/Online offerings of this course. In order to switch between Classroom and Distance/Online offerings, students must withdraw from their current course and register in their desired course.

PWEN 130 alone cannot be used towards any credit towards work experience. You must complete all 4 sections (A1, A2, B1, & B2) in order to receive credit towards work experience. If you are seeking credit in lieu of work experience please contact your provincial boilers' branch to ensure that our courses are accepted. Contact info can be found on SOPEEC.org.

PWEN 130 alone does not allow students to receive a SAIT certificate. You must complete all 4 sections (A1, A2, B1, & B2) in order to receive the SAIT certificate for your learning.

Credits: 0


  • One of:
    • PWEN 202
    • PWEN 220


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