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Night and Low Light Photography II - PHOT 129

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Course Description

This course picks up where the basic course leaves off. For students wanting to learn about advanced techniques in light painting, motion, artistic low light images, stroboscopic images and more, this course is for you. There is a strong emphasis on "hands on" learning, and students will be given a weekly opportunity to try something new in class. Students will need to bring their camera equipment to class every week.

In addition to learning new techniques, students will be challenged to try and "figure out" how a shot is done before learning the technique. This will be done through class discussion of the topic and then trying it out to see how well they did.

There will be two (2) field trips which will allow students to express their talents and play with some new toys while receiving some 1 on 1 time with the instructor.

Credits: 0


  • PHOT 203
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