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Gas & Liquid Sampling & Analysis - INST 144

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Course Description

This course provides an overview of preparing a hydrocarbon sample for analysis. You will be able to identify a sampling system and its use in gas and liquid analysis. This course covers in detail the methods of sampling gas and liquid streams, different techniques and equipment (including containers) used in sampling, the processes and procedures of sampling gas, crude oil, LPG, condensate, and water.  You will also learn how to read the analysis reports from third party labs. The importance of Gas Chromatography in the measurement of gas, sampling points, properties that can cause degradation of a gas and liquid samples are also covered in this course.

Analyzer Technicians and Systems Engineers, Test & Measurement and Senior Liquid Measurement Supervisors, Measurement Technicians/Technologists, Measurement & Control Technicians, Measurement Analysts and Operators, Instrumentation Technicians,  Automation Team Leaders, Measurement Engineers, Reliability Managers, Measurement and Logistics Technicians, Production Accountants, Hydrocarbon Measurement Specialists and their managers, Petroleum Measurement Technical Leaders, Advanced Gas Measurement Technicians dealing with gas & liquid sampling and analysis will benefit greatly from taking this course.

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