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Custody Transfer - INST 141

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Course Description

This course provides an insight into the custody transfer measurement and examines the importance of accurate measurement as meters are an essential part of delivery point custody transfer and are used as a cash register, tracking not only the volume, but also the quality of the oil sold.  You will learn about verification and calibration of custody transfer meters as the impact of inaccuracies and uncertainties in measurement on financial data can be tremendous.  You will also explore system design, regulatory requirements, and testing procedures that together ensure a high accuracy custody transfer measurement system.

Heavy oil Engineers, Operators in Thermal areas, Test & Measurement and Senior Liquid Measurement Supervisors, Measurement Technicians/Technologists, Measurement & Control Technicians, Measurement Analysts and Operators, Instrumentation Technicians,  Automation Team Leaders, Measurement Engineers, Reliability Managers, Measurement and Logistics Technicians, Production Accountants, Hydrocarbon Measurement Specialists and their managers, Petroleum Measurement Technical Leaders, Advanced Gas Measurement Technicians working with custody transfers will benefit greatly from taking this course.

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