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Ancillary and Tertiary Devices - INST 146

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Course Description

Ancillary & Tertiary devices are the devices that gather pressure, temperature and analyzer information used with the output from the meter.  They assist the operator in reading measurement processes such as temperature, pressure, density and water cut. You will learn about the significance and importance of the accuracy requirements of devices like pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and how they work with the meter, and their best configuration. After the completion of the course you will be able to explain the purpose of watercut analyzers and densitometers, temperature measurement, learn about Resistance thermometer called Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD), the accuracy requirement for temperature measurement, proper installation of the temperature device and the effect of temperature on density.  You will also learn how to interpret readings from tank gauges, have a clear understanding of how a weigh scale is used in measurement of oil, and learn about Flow Computer or Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM).

Senior Liquid Measurement Supervisors, Measurement Technicians/Technologists, Measurement & Control Technicians, Measurement Analysts and Operators, Instrumentation Technicians,  Automation Team Leaders, Measurement Engineers, Reliability Managers, Measurement and Logistics Technicians, Production Accountants, Hydrocarbon Measurement Specialists and their managers, Petroleum Measurement Technical Leaders, Advanced Gas Measurement Technicians looking to advance their knowledge on Ancillary & Tertiary Devices will benefit greatly from taking this course.

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