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GIS Programming - GEOS 456

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Course Description

GIS programming introduces the student to high level programming (HLP) language scripting (e.g. Python scripting) for geographic information system (e.g.ArcGIS). Topics include introducing the student to basic HLP language (e.g.Python scripting) fundamentals to advanced geoprocessing using a number of GIS software site packages (e.g.ArcGIS and Arcpy Mapping module) as well as exploring and analyzing spatial data using HLP language and raster datasets using the Spatial Analyst module. The course also covers error handling and debugging and the creation of custom tools using HLP language (e.g. Python) scripting.

Credits: 3


  • COMM 415
  • GEOS 410
  • GEOS 419
  • One of:
    • GEOS 409
    • GEOS 408


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