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Process Systems Control II - CNTR 231

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Course Description

This instrumentation course is a continuation of Process Systems Control I CNTR-229.

You will learn how to construct block diagrams for transfer functions and how to manipulate the blocks in the diagram to develop the transfer functions for a control scheme's signals. You will also determine the general transfer function for the control loop's measurement block and determine the steady state flow properties for three common control valves.

We'll examine the characteristics of the proportional mode (P-mode) of a controller as well as those of a proportional plus integral (PI) controller, a proportional plus derivative (PD) controller and a proportional plus integral plus derivative (PID) controller.

Process Systems Control II topics include:

  • Feedback controllers, their modes and applications
  • Frequency analysis techniques
  • Closed loop response
  • Controller tuning
  • Cascade control
  • Ratio control
  • Signal select control (such as override, constraint, selector control)
  • Feed forward control

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