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Distributed Control Systems II - CNTR 120

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Course Description

The second Distributed Control Systems course builds on what you have learned in CNTR-115 and provides an introduction to feed forward and cascade control. More advanced software process control simulators are implemented which will completely emulate the level process skids/carts that students will be eventually configuring and controlling.

The second part of the class will have students connecting to the level process skids/carts using pre-configured control and interface graphics. Students will be able familiarize themselves with the process, graphics, and shutdown (SIS) logic required for proper operation and control. Tuning of this process is also a learning objective.

An introduction to interlocks, permissives, and shutdowns and how these are configured into the SIS modules will be taught in preparation for the third DCS course.

Upon completion of the course, you will have an understanding of Feedback, Feedforward and Cascade control, interlocks and permissives, tuning techniques, and know how to use the Delta V configuration and graphics software to create your own process simulation or for connecting to real world I/O and processes.

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  • CNTR 115



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