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Desserts and Confections Boot Camp - BAKE 189

Course Description

It takes only minutes to devour, but hours - even days - to prepare. It is part food, part art. It looks almost too good to eat.

It is not your ordinary dessert.

Inspired by award-winning pastry chefs at SAIT's renowned Highwood restaurant, our Desserts and Confections Boot Camp is an intensive culinary experience designed to challenge the best home baker. Spend four days in our world-class commercial bakery preparing Pinterest-worthy desserts and confections, including: decadent mousse, irresistible fresh-baked desserts like souffl and custard, beautiful petit-fours, traditional shortbread, and an assortment of scrumptious cookies, truffles and macaroons. Then put your creativity to the test as you craft delicate garnishes with sugar and chocolate.

Working in a professional kitchen you'll think like a pastry chef as you learn proper techniques to elegantly plate desserts and complete your masterpieces on a deadline.

Credits: 0

Offerings: Classroom

Course Fees

$1450 Domestic students

$1450 International students

Fees subject to change


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