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Students review photography captured at a SAIT Trojans volleyball game.

Photography Certificate of Achievement


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Classroom

Program Description

Whether it's for the art or the fun of photography, this program can help you discover new ways of "photographic" seeing as you apply the fundamental techniques learned in class. This Certificate of Achievement program covers the tools, techniques and craft of photography.  From the manual setting and learning about your aperture, shutter speed, flash use and histograms, to shooting weddings, sports events, landscapes and more. Our team of professional photographers will share their knowledge and expertise in the classroom, and on various field trips in and around Calgary in some classes.  

Students can choose the path of their personal interest. Serious photographers can expand their photographic horizons with a great selection of electives, from the classic darkroom to perfecting their lighting skills in the studio, to advanced Photoshop techniques.  All of our classes combine lectures with hands-on practical experience behind your camera.

Don't settle for anything less than the best.  SAIT is located in Calgary, Alberta and has been offering photography courses for nearly 25 years.  Our experts have not only the knowledge and skills you want in the industry, but also the experience, support and facilities of an incredible institution.  Sign up for classes today and you won't be disappointed.

To achieve the full certificate, students must complete eight courses in total; three core courses plus five electives. Please call 403.284.8401 for information on this certificate of achievement.

Complete SAIT's Photography Certificate of Achievement in just five weeks — check out our summer fast-track option.

Customized team building sessions in photography are available for your organization. Call 403.284.8120 to start planning your company's next event.

Careers: Product Photographer | Wedding Photographer | Post Production Editor

Basic Photography PHOT-200 Classroom or Online
Photography - Intermediate PHOT-205 Classroom
Photoshop for Photographers PHOT-222 Classroom
Elective Courses
Black and White Darkroom Lab Time PHOT-001 Classroom
Black and White Darkroom Techniques PHOT-210 Classroom
Advanced Photography PHOT-131 Classroom
Intro to Adobe Lightroom PHOT-119 Classroom
Night and Low Light Photography II PHOT-129 Classroom
Nature Photography PHOT-132 Classroom
Night and Low Light Photography PHOT-203 Classroom
Action Photography PHOT-249 Classroom
Studio Portrait Lighting PHOT-227 Classroom
Photo Printing Using Photoshop PHOT-229 Classroom
Advanced Studio Portrait Lighting PHOT-247 Classroom
Wedding Photography PHOT-245 Classroom
Close-Up Photography PHOT-250 Classroom
Starting a Photography Business PHOT-103 Classroom

To complete this certificate, students must take a total of 8 courses. 3 courses must be from the ‘Core Courses' section and the remaining 5 can be chosen from the listed elective courses.

You will have five (5) years to complete this certificate of achievement (or certificate of completion).


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