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Student completes one or five testing methods on a lamp.

Non-Destructive Testing General Courses


Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Program Description

The SAIT Non-Destructive Testing Centre is committed to providing first-class training for those pursuing a career in the non-destructive testing field. SAIT instructors are eager to educate individuals - from technicians pursuing certification to those just entering the field - in all five testing methods. Non-destructive testing is the cornerstone of quality and safety for virtually every industry and is used to increase production and serviceability and to extend the life of equipment and systems components. Many inspections are performed during construction and prior to operation start-ups. For further information such as course availability, description, cost, and prerequisites, please use the embedded links below:.

Materials and Processes for NDT CODE-118 Classroom or Online
Certified Exposure Device Operator INSP-119 Classroom or Online
Radiography Level II INSP-151 Classroom
Radiography Level I INSP-111 Classroom
Ultrasonics Level I INSP-127 Classroom
Radiography Safety INSP-133 Classroom or Online
Ultrasonics Level II INSP-155 Classroom
Magnetic Particle Levels I and II INSP-163 Classroom
Liquid Penetrant Levels I and II INSP-165 Classroom
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) INSP-106 Classroom or Online

Non-Destructive Testing Online Courses

The online format of D2L will give students the opportunity to discuss important issues, access websites and review materials covered in the course. These courses are the first part of the required 40 hours of training per the NRCan guidelines or industry regulatory groups. For some NDT online courses, to be certified under the CGSB certification scheme, students will need to take the 16-hour hands-on lab component separately.

Materials and Processes for NDT* CODE-118 Classroom or Online
Gamma Camera Maintenance INSP-100
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)* INSP-106 Classroom or Online
Liquid Penetrant Inspection Theory INSP-116 Online
Ultrasonics Level I Theory INSP-118 Online
Certified Exposure Device Operator* INSP-119 Classroom or Online
Magnetic Particle Inspection Theory INSP-124 Online
Radiography Level I Theory INSP-129 Online
Radiography Safety INSP-133 Classroom or Online

* Does not require lab component

Non-Destructive Testing Labs and Workshops


These labs are the practical component to the on-line learning portion of the required 40-hour courses in NDT as per the NRCan guidelines. To be certified under the CGSB certification scheme, students must have already taken the 24-hour on-line component. These labs are assessed and the student will be given an attestation of successful completion.


These workshops are intended to prepare students for their CGSB certification exams using the same type of equipment they will be tested on. These workshops also can be used as on-the-job training for a 1:5 ratio for application purposes.

For further information or to make an appointment, please call 403.210.4344 or email ma.info@sait.ca.

Open NDT Review INSP 011 Classroom
Liquid Penetrant Inspection Lab INSP-115 Classroom
Magnetic Particle Inspection Lab INSP-123 Classroom
Ultrasonics Level I Lab INSP-117 Classroom
Radiography Level I Lab INSP-128 Classroom
Liquid Penetrant Workshop INSP-180 Classroom
Magnetic Particle Workshop INSP-182 Classroom
Radiography Workshop INSP-184 Classroom
Ultrasonic Workshop INSP-186 Classroom


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