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Instructor reviews students legal research.

Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate of Achievement


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Classroom

Program Description

Are you detail-oriented and enjoy a fast-paced environment? If so, a career in the legal administration field may be for you. In today's law offices, legal administrative assistants are in high demand. They are an essential part of the legal team and play a critical role in helping law firms run smoothly.

Gain the knowledge, skills and real-world experience needed to pursue a career in today's sophisticated legal environment through SAIT's Legal Administrative Assistant program. Our program is widely recognized in the field, preparing top-notch legal assistants for careers in law offices and legal departments nationwide. You have up to five years to complete this program.

SAIT's Legal Administrative Assistant certificate of achievement is available through Continuing Education (evening courses) and prepares you to work as a legal administrative assistant or legal assistant. Our newly redesigned, skills-based curriculum covers a wide range of legal, administrative and technical topics needed for success in this field.

Our instructors include experienced legal assistants, paralegals and lawyers who will help you understand what's expected of you in the real world. Your practical training will cover keyboarding, computer applications, law office procedures and legal research.

You will also acquire an understanding of how to work effectively with lawyers and their clients, in addition to learning the nature of the legal office environment. Your courses may include general law courses such as corporate law, real estate law and litigation law taught by professionals with real-world expertise.

Skills in Demand by Today's Top Lawyers

The legal industry demands a highly productive office environment. Today's top lawyers seek legal assistants that are efficient, professional, and highly skilled in administrative duties. Graduates from SAIT's Legal Administrative Assistant certificate program have gone on to work with some of Calgary's premier law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.

Program Overview

Training on Industry Software

Our program provides in-depth training on specialized software frequently used at law offices across Canada. From billing to legal research, we equip you with the necessary software skills.

Your Career

Working as a legal assistant can be both challenging and exciting. We prepare you with the necessary skills to be successful in any type of legal setting. Graduates from this program go on to work as legal administrative assistants or legal assistants for lawyers practicing in several areas.

Laddering and Transferability

If working as a legal administrative assistant is a stepping stone for your career, then take advantage of the various educational opportunities offered at SAIT. Upon completion of the Legal Administrative Assistant certificate of achievement, you have the option to ladder into the Legal Assistant diploma program available through full-time studies. Note that admission into the diploma program is competitive.

Student Success

  • We find there is a direct correlation between the time and energy invested to the amount of success achieved.
  • Remaining focused and diligent with coursework is important for success in completing the program.
  • Students who have the most success in this program have proficient English language skills.
  • We recommend students have basic computer and typing skills before entering the program.

Note: This program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Admission and Completion

There are no entrance requirements for this program. Be sure you have your SAIT student ID ready; you can begin registering for courses anytime by visiting our website, SAIT. ca. Need help getting your SAIT student ID number? Call Office of the Registrar at 1. 877. 284. 7248.

After you have registered for one course, fill out and submit the Program Declaration Form to Office of the Registrar (advising@sait.ca).

You have up to five years to complete all certificate courses; you must meet the graduation requirements as they exist at the time you register for your first course (see AC. 3. 1. 1 Grading and Progression).

Ten courses are required to complete the program. Review the list below:

Grammar and Proofreading ENGL-205 Classroom
Keyboard Skill-Building LEGA-205 Classroom
Legal Computer Applications I LEGA-215 Classroom
Legal Computer Applications II LEGA-265 Classroom
Introduction to Law LEGL-200 Classroom
Corporate Law LEGL-210 Classroom
Litigation Law I LEGL-260 Classroom
Real Estate Law I LEGL-270 Classroom
Law Office Procedures LEGA-255 Classroom
Legal Writing I LEGL-250 Classroom


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