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Students discuss key issues facing their project.

Lean Management Certificate of Completion


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Program Description

Lean thinking has become an enterprise-wide philosophy and a business improvement system that, when applied successfully, can tap into innovative thinking, break down barriers to resolve key issues and deliver extraordinary results. Through this short program, you will learn strategic and tactical techniques to apply lean management within your own workplace.  These courses provide the skills needed to apply lean management across all industries and sectors from health to IT to nonprofit to oil and gas. This program will prepare you for the Lean Bronze Certificate (LBC) which is designed by the following organizations: the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), the association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. This alliance has established the standard for continuous improvement and Lean practices. 

For more information, please contact the School of Business at 403-284-7329 or business.training@sait.ca.

Course Selection

Take only the courses that meet your learning needs, or complete the entire Certificate. Four core courses and two electives are required to complete this program. Courses are 14 hours in length. It is possible to complete your Certificate in one year, however, you can take up to five years to complete.

Convenient Scheduling

SAIT courses are offered on a variety of dates and times. The courses can be taken in any order; however, we recommend that you start with Lean Fundamentals LBIM 100. You build your own schedule. The program's flexibility lets you start whenever you want, taking only the courses that meets your work and career needs.

Lean Fundamentals: The Foundations for Competitiveness LBIM-100 Classroom
Lean Applied: Innovation through Continuous Improvement LBIM-110 Classroom
Value Stream Mapping LBIM-120 Classroom
Managing and Sustaining the Lean Journey LBIM-130 Classroom
Communicating Effectively COMM-218 Classroom or Online
Creating Engaged and Motivated Employees SUPV-218 Classroom or Online
Influence Matters LDSH-242 Classroom or Online
Innovative Leaders MGMT-261 Classroom
Leaders as Coaches LDSH-206 Classroom or Online
Team Building ORGB-228 Classroom or Online
Understanding Change ORGB-218 Classroom or Online


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