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Students practice communication skills infront of the Aldred Center.

English Language Foundations


Available: Continuing Education Classroom

Program description

English Language Foundations (ELF) is a proficiency-based language training program that will prepare you to pursue programs at SAIT, enter the job market or move ahead in your career. The program focuses on enhancing English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation. Completion of ELF level 5 courses meets the English proficiency requirement to enter SAIT career programs*.

Evening: Weekend:
  • Five hours weekly, two evenings per week (6 - 8:20 pm)
  • 15 weeks long (80 hours)
  • 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday (9 am - 3 pm each day with 1-hour lunch break)
  • 8 weeks long (80 hours)

Funding is available through the Foundational Learning Program (formerly the Skills Investment Program).

How to register for evening and weekend courses

To register, you must have CLBA/CLBPT scores from SAIT or ILVARC within the last six months, with minimum scores of 4 in all categories, or have completed the prerequisite ELF course.

If you completed the CLBA at SAIT,  your score will be entered in our registration system. If you completed your CLBA/CLBPT at ILVARC, please bring your test results to SAIT and we'll enter them in our registration system.

Once your scores are in our system, you can register online by selecting the appropriate course(s) below.  You can also register in person by visiting the ELF office and then paying the course fees at the Office of the Registrar. Online registration is now available, please select the course(s) you want to register for:

COURSE NAMECOURSE CODERequired score to register
Communications 1 COMN-151 CLB 4 in Reading/Writing
Communications 2 COMN-152 CLB 5 in Reading/Writing
Communications 3 COMN-153 CLB 6 in Reading/Writing
Communications 4 COMN-154 CLB 7 in Reading/Writing
Communications 5 COMN-155 CLB 8 in Reading/Writing
Speech 1 SPCH-151 CLB 4 in Listening/Speaking
Speech 2 SPCH-152 CLB 5 in Listening/Speaking
Speech 3 SPCH-153 CLB 6 in Listening/Speaking
Speech 4 SPCH-154 CLB 7 in Listening/Speaking
Speech 5 SPCH-155 CLB 8 in Listening/Speaking

 Please note: if you register but do not have a CLBA/CLBPT score entered on the SAIT registration system, or you do not have the prerequisite course, you will be withdrawn.

Contact English Language Foundations

If you need more information — or would like to schedule a CLBA at SAIT — we're here to help.

Learner and Academic Services

You are welcome to visit us in MC217, Stan Grad Centre, Monday to Friday, 9 am - 4 pm.

*The SAIT Respiratory Therapy program requires Enhanced Language Training Placement Assessment (ELTPA) with scores of 9 in all sections.

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