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Workshop-style class discusses effective leadership.

Applied Management Certificate of Achievement


Credential: Certificate (non-credit)
Available: Continuing Education Classroom or Online

Program Highlights

Advance your career by expanding your managerial acumen through a series of practical, skill-oriented business courses. These courses are also available through Corporate Training on a customized company basis.

Job Grant

Canada-Alberta Job GrantThis program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding. 


Courses from this program can be used towards:

Program Details

Program description

Build critical leadership skills with these interactive, workshop-style courses designed for current or aspiring supervisors and managers. You need a minimum of 12 courses and 144 hours to complete this program. Some courses are recognized by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) for the Gold Seal. The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board recognize this program for a Blue Seal designation.

Ideal for aspiring, new and current supervisors or managers, this program will improve your management acumen through practical, skill-oriented business courses. Available through interactive workshop-style classes as well as online courses, our industry-leading instructors will challenge and build your core business, leadership and management skills.

Admission and Completion

There are no entrance requirements for this program and you can register for courses at any time by clicking on a course name in the table at the bottom of this page. You have up to five years to complete the program.

Visit the Office of the Registrar for additional help with registration.

Once you have registered for at least one course, fill out and submit the Program Declaration Form to Student Services.


After successfully completing this program, learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Applied Management.


Business Management course selection

Our courses can be taken in any order that suits you and is scheduled throughout the year. Take only the courses that meet your professional and career needs, or complete a minimum of 12 courses (144 hours) to receive your certificate of achievement.

A minimum of five courses from Course List A and seven courses from Course List B are required to complete the credential. You may choose to take additional courses from Course List B in place of Course List A.

Online registration closes about one week before the course start date. You can register up to one business day before the start date by contacting the Office of the Registrar. Courses do fill up, so it is recommended you register early.


Course Code Changes

Some course codes for the 2019/20 academic year have changed - for example, PROJ-219 is now PROJ-001. If you have taken a course with the old course code, you will still receive credit for it.
See more course code changes



Better Together: Generations at Work LDSH-001 Classroom
Building Personal Power, Performance, and Professionalism ORGB-117 Classroom
Conducting Effective Meetings PERS-122 Classroom or Online
Effective Delegation MGMT-160 Classroom
Influence Matters LDSH-008 Classroom or Online
Time Management and Organizational Skills PERS-121 Classroom or Online
Workplace Bullying MMGT-001 Classroom

Accounting and Finance for Non-Accountants ACCT-104 Classroom or Online
Assertiveness for Personal and Business Success PERS-139 Classroom
Basic Business Law BLAW-100 Classroom
Being a Safety Leader SAFE-001 Classroom
Business Process Management MNGT-009 Classroom
Business Writing for Results WRIT-100 Classroom or Online
Communicating Effectively COMM-196 Classroom
Conflict Management MGMT-142 Classroom or Online
Construction Trades Business Startup CSTN-002 Classroom
Creating Engaged and Motivated Employees SUPV-001 Classroom or Online
Customer Relations MGMT-178 Classroom or Online
Delivery Techniques for Trainers LDSH-002 Classroom
Diversity in the Workplace HREL-002 Classroom
Emotional Intelligence HREL-100 Classroom
Ethics in Action ETHI-100 Classroom
Fundamentals of Training PERS-135 Classroom
Human Resource Essentials HRMT-001 Online
Innovative Leaders MGMT-001 Classroom
Instructional Design and Development HREL-003 Classroom
Leaders as Coaches LDSH-003 Classroom or Online
Leadership Skills LDSH-004 Classroom or Online
Marketing Essentials MKTG-124 Classroom
Mental Toughness - Take Positive Action PERS-141 Classroom
Mentoring LDSH-151 Classroom or Online
Negotiation Essentials MGMT-143 Classroom
Performance Management MGMT-002 Classroom or Online
Presentation Skills PRES-101 Classroom
Problem Solving and Decision Making MGMT-003 Classroom or Online
Project Management Basics PROJ-150 Classroom or Online
Project Risk Management RSMG-102 Classroom or Online
Strategic Planning LDSH-005 Classroom
Supervisory Skills SUPV-002 Classroom or Online
Team Building ORGB-104 Classroom or Online
Understanding Change ORGB-101 Classroom or Online

Corporate Training

Courses for this program are available through our Corporate Training department as one or two-day seminars. Numerous courses are also available through Distance Education (online).

Attraction and Retention HREL-001 Classroom
Business Economics for Managers ECON-001 Classroom
Enterprise Risk Management RSMG-001 Classroom
Professionalism in Action ORGB-111 Classroom
Project Management Overview PROJ-109 Classroom or Online
Selling Skills SELL-001 Classroom
Social Media Fundamentals for Business MKTG-123 Online


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