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Before you Register

Select your course or program

Browse our offerings to find the course or program you want to take. Search by category or keyword to find the course that's right for you.

Find out when and how the course is offered

We offer flexible evening, weekend and distance/online learning options throughout the year. 

Online - study at home and complete your course through Brightspace (D2L), an online learning platform. Registration is ongoing.

Classroom - attend classes on-campus, often using Brightspace (D2L) to submit course work. Courses may be offered in specific terms (i.e. fall, winter, spring and/or summer).

Blended - the majority of your course work is completed online but you'll be required to come to campus for the hands-on portion. Registration is ongoing.

Do you need to apply?

If you're working toward one of the credit credentials listed below, you'll need to apply and meet the admission requirements before you start the program.

Submitting your application

  1. Complete the ApplyAlberta portion of the application.
  2. Once you reach the 'Select an Application' type page, choose 'Part-time' from the drop-down menu and click 'Continue'.
  3. Next, select the term and click on 'Fill Out Application'.
  4. When you reach the 'Planned Course of Study' section, select your program. Complete and submit the application.

Check the course prerequisites

Most higher level courses have mandatory prerequisites to make sure you have the required background and knowledge of the material to successfully complete the course. You may register in the course if you have:

  • have completed the prerequisite course, or,
  • have received credit for the prerequisite, or,
  • are currently enrolled in the prerequisite and will complete it before the next one starts. 

A recommended prerequisite is listed to promote success in the course and is not mandatory. Bypassing a suggested prerequisite doesn't give you credit for the course.

Some courses may have special requirements — such as certificates, licenses or special skills — which must be verified on or before the first day of class.

Know the timeline to complete your credential

If you're taking courses to complete and receive a SAIT credential, make sure you know the timeline for completion.

  • Applied Degree - 7 years
  • Bachelor Degree - 10 years
  • Certificate - 5 years
  • Certificate of Achievement (non-credit) - 5 years
  • Certificate of Completion (non-credit) - 5 years
  • Diploma - 7 years
  • Post-Diploma Certificate - 5 years

The timeline for completion begins when you start the first course in the program. Refer to our policies and procedures for additional information.

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