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Energy Leadership Skills - PERS 200

Course Description

The Energy Leadership Skills course provides an opportunity for supervisors and managers to acquire management, leadership and essential communication skills to complement any technical or hands-on technical training they may be receiving.

PERS 200 is offered exclusively online and is available for registration year round. Multiple Choice Final Examination: 2.5 hours.

This course covers the following 28 modules:

  • Basic Economics
  • Conflict
  • Email and Social Networking Online
  • Going Global - International Management
  • Group Decision Making
  • Interpersonal Communication I - Perceptions and Barriers
  • Interpersonal Communication II - Nonverbal
  • Interpersonal Communication III - Listening
  • Interpersonal Communication IV - Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership I
  • Leadership II
  • Letter Writing Strategies
  • Managing Change
  • Meetings
  • Motivation
  • Oral Presentations I
  • Oral Presentations II
  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Design
  • Power and Politics
  • Short Reports
  • Teams and Groups
  • The Purpose of Research
  • What Do Managers Do?
  • Writing an Investigation / Recommendation Report
  • Writing Fundamentals I - Sentences
  • Writing Fundamentals II - Paragraphs
  • Writing Memos

Credits: 0

Offerings: Online

Course Fees

$750 Domestic distance students

$750 International distance students

Fees subject to change


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