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Drilling, Completion and Well Intervention - DRLG 109

Course Description

SAIT Polytechnic's Drilling, Completions & Well Interventions course is designed for those wanting to learn more than just the basics of Drilling, Completions and Well Interventions. This training will provide you with knowledge of the equipment and tools used in the field, plus a strong understanding of the operations that occur at a well site during these operations.

Learn what is required to take a reservoir from the initial well to a maintenance program once the well commences production. Technical and non-technical individuals will gain an excellent background into what is required to produce oil and natural gas from the ground under the diverse subsurface conditions found throughout western Canada and the world.

Understand the connection between the roles of the reservoir, drilling, completion and production engineering functions as a well is planned, executed and brought on stream. You will learn that the decisions made by professionals in these various disciplines can and will impact the operation of the well for its entire life, and fully understanding the consequences of their decisions will make for the best well. You will also learn the specific terminology used by each engineering group to ensure efficient communication and project execution between disciplines and individuals.

Credits: 0

Offerings: Classroom


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