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Student oversees stock and storage facility on SAIT campus.

Materials Technician Apprentice


Credential: Apprenticeship
Available: Full Time Classroom

Program Description

Materials Technician apprenticeship training is a branch of the Parts Technician apprenticeship program.

  • First and third period training are common with Parts Technician; therefore these apprentices would register into the Parts Technician course.
  • Second period Materials Technician apprentices would register into the Materials Technician course (offered at NAIT at the present time). 

Materials Technicians are involved in the movement of materials in a wide variety of industries including agricultural, forestry, health, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, transportation, and wholesale/retail industries. The duties and responsibilities of a Materials Technician can vary considerably. In general, a Materials Technician prepares, generates and picks orders, receives shipments, controls inventory, manages stocking and storage, and coordinates the transportation of materials.

How to register

Entrance Requirements

To enter an apprenticeship, you must have the educational qualifications required for the trade to which you apply. Entrance requirements are monitored by Alberta and Industry Training.

See How to Become an Apprentice to find out about becoming a registered apprentice. 

Apprentice Success Services

Have you been out of school for some time? SAIT is committed to your success and is pleased to offer resources designed to prepare you for your training at SAIT and make your learning experience a successful one while in training. Visit Apprenticeship Success Services to learn how SAIT can help promote your success.

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