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SAIT Credentials

Whether you're already on a career path or just beginning a new journey, SAIT can help you on your way with a variety of credential options including bachelor’s degrees, applied degrees, diplomas and certificates.

SAIT’s programs will lead to either a credit or non-credit credential. We know these may be new terms to some, so it is important to understand the difference.

Credit credentials

A credit credential includes courses with post-secondary credit applied. These credits will be used towards their specific program and may be accepted towards a credential at SAIT or a different post-secondary institution. The credit credentials include bachelor’s degree, applied degree, diploma, certificate and post-diploma certificate.

Bachelor Degree

SAIT has bachelor’s degree programs in areas such as business, construction and hospitality and tourism management.

Bachelor’s degrees are generally four-year programs, but students have up to 10 academic years to complete their courses.

Applied Degree

SAIT’s full-time applied degree programs involve one year of study through classes and lab work followed by one year of directed studies in a workplace setting. This builds on the completion of a recognized two-year diploma. Students must have their diploma before they can be admitted to an applied degree program.

They then have seven academic years to finish their applied degree, starting from the day they begin the first course in that program.


At SAIT, there are over 40 full-time diploma programs that cover a broad range of areas, from aircraft maintenance to travel and tourism.

Most diploma programs are completed in two years, though students can take up to seven academic years to complete the requirements.


SAIT has a number of certificate programs in areas like the sciences, health and trades.

These programs provide the essential skills to start a career, but are shorter in length than SAIT's diploma programs - usually a year or less. However, students have up to five years to complete their program.

Post-Diploma Certificate

SAIT offers three full-time post-diploma certificates. These programs build on skills developed through a diploma or degree program and combine classroom instruction with a workplace practicum.

They are often completed in a year or less.

Non-credit credentials

A non-credit credential is made up of courses and programs designed for professional or personal development. Because these do not have post-secondary credits attached, they cannot be used towards any of the credentials above. We also cannot guarantee an external institute will accept these courses or credentials for transfer credit.

SAIT’s non-credit certificates of achievement and completion are offered through our Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies.

Certificate of Achievement

Certificates of achievement recognize the completion of a program which includes a formal evaluation of performance and a minimum of 144 (required and elective) course hours. Certificates of achievement typically develop broader, complex skillsets. Students have up to five years to complete the certificate.

Areas of study include business and leadership, web and digital technology, and construction and engineering — to name only a few.

Certificate of Completion

Certificates of completion recognize the completion of a program which includes a formal evaluation of performance and a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 143 course hours. These certificates are shorter in duration compared to certificates of achievement and offer a focused education program. Students have up to five years to complete a certificate of completion.

Explore all continuing education certificates >


A micro-credential recognizes the completion of a non-credit course that includes a formal evaluation of performance and verifies the student has demonstrated specific competencies. Micro-credentials focus on the mastery of specific skills. Upon successful completion of a SAIT micro-credential (SAITMicro), students receive a digital, shareable badge.

Explanation of SAIT’s academic year

SAIT’s academic year begins July 1 and goes until June 30 of the following year. All completion timelines are based on this and not the calendar year. For example, a certificate program that starts in Spring 2021 would be recognized as starting in the 2020 academic year. You would need to complete your program by June 2025 or the end of the 2024 academic year.

If you have any questions about your program timeline, please speak with your academic chair or program coordinator.

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