Cindy Humphries - 2023 Clarence Hollingworth Alumni Employee Award of Excellence

Established in 2019 and re-named earlier this year in honour of SAIT alumnus and long-time instructor Clarence Hollingworth (1915–2023), this award recognizes a graduate who is a SAIT staff or faculty member at the time of nomination; makes a demonstrative and positive impact in the SAIT community through their work; exemplifies a high level of excellence, professionalism and personal commitment to SAIT’s mission and core values; and embodies a spirit of alumni enthusiasm and pride in their work at SAIT. 

image of Cindy Humphries in teaching lab

Cindy Humphries

Medical Radiologic Technology '05, SAIT School of Health and Public Safety
Safety Educational Laboratory Technologist, Medical Radiologic Technology Program, SAIT

Twenty years ago, Cindy Humphries was a student in SAIT’s first Medical Radiologic Technology (MRT) class — and today she works with SAIT’s School of Health and Public Safety.

After graduating and passing the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists certification exam, Humphries became SAIT’s MRT educational laboratory technologist. But her work doesn’t end when students go home at the end of the day. For 18 years, she has also dedicated her nights to providing insight into the inner structures of the human body at Calgary’s Rockyview General Hospital.

“You would think, after thousands upon thousands of X-rays, it would get boring,” Humphries says. “But, to borrow from Forrest Gump, patients are like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get.”

MRT depends on correctly placing both patient and X-ray equipment to capture the images doctors need. Every circumstance is different, which can make manoeuvring people into the positions required both an art and a science. “When you get the perfect image, it feels like you’re really making a difference,” she says. 

Humphries also makes a difference for students following in her footsteps. As an ed tech, she supports student learning, takes care of the program’s equipment, sets up simulations and co-chairs the safety committee. She’s also a longtime volunteer at SAIT’s Open House.

“I’m excited about my profession and love sharing it — I’ve even swayed prospective students away from other programs,” she says with a mischievous grin. “But this career isn’t all unicorns and sunshine. I’m honest about its demands as well as its rewards.” 

Humphries jokingly credits her bouncy, positive attitude to chronic sleep deprivation. But her colleagues, who nominated her as the second recipient of the Hollingworth alumni employee award, know better. “It’s really special to receive an award named after a member of the SAIT community who had such a bright disposition and positive energy,” she says. “I’m honoured that people see value in what I do and who I am.”

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Cindy Humphries, 2023 Clarence Hollingworth Alumni Employee Award of Excellence

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