Richard Stroobant - 2019 Clarence Hollingworth Alumni Employee Award of Excellence recipient

Photo of Richard Stroobant

Richard Stroobant, Cinema, Television, Stage and Radio

Media Instructor for the Radio, Television, Broadcast, News program

Award-winning producer with CJAY 92, long-time instructor, mentor — Richard Stroobant (CTSR) has had a remarkable journey from his time as a SAIT student, through a 19-year broadcasting career, to returning to SAIT and serving in various roles. Today he is an instructor with the School for Advanced Digital Technology, helping others achieve their dreams.

A dedicated teacher for more than 15 years, Richard has been nominated by his students nine times for SAIT’s Instructor Excellence Award and has received the award twice. He has established two student awards to recognize hard-working students in the Radio, Television and Broadcast News program and the Butchery and Charcuterie Management program, and he presents the students he mentors with his famous wristband — emblazoned with the words “How bad do you want it” — to signify student achievement and as a constant reminder of the hard work needed to succeed.

Through his service as a faculty representative on SAIT’s Board of Governors and as the Interim Academic Chair of two media programs, Richard has also built strong connections beyond the classroom. He was on the Board of Directors for the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada and is a mentor, friend and advisor to countless colleagues at SAIT and across the broadcasting industry.

In 2019, Richard received the first-ever Clarence Hollingworth Alumni Employee Award of Excellence at SAIT’s Star Awards, a testament to his commitment and far-reaching impact as a proud alumnus and teacher. Rendered speechless at receiving such an honour, he remains humble, focusing on the joy of supporting students to fulfill their potential.

Richard's passion for teaching remains unwavering, as does his belief that happiness in one's career is more significant than job titles or salaries. As he enthusiastically shapes lives, Richard is making an indelible mark in education, communications and mentorship.

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