Looking back: The sprightly Shetland pony named Midge

a vintage photo of a Royal Canadian Aircraftman and his pet Shetland pony

Wearing her own bespoke blanket, Midge poses at the front doors of the Main Building (as Heritage Hall was called before 1985) with Leading Aircraftman (LAC) Lloyd Willigar of the Royal Canadian Air Force. One of the thousands of pilots and crew members from Commonwealth and Allied countries who trained in Calgary, Willigar won Midge in a Christmas charity raffle. Midge lived on campus in her own stable and had the run of the school grounds, often feasting on cookies and apples from the enlisted men's mess. She became a Calgary celebrity, even after LAC Williagar was posted overseas. In April 1942, Willigar was killed on a bombing mission over Germany. In 1945, Midge was honourably discharged and shipped to live with LAC Willigar's mother in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, where she led the Victory in Europe Parade.

"If These Halls Could Talk"

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