Family matters here at SAIT

SAIT employee sports a disguise for Mission Possible 2.0

SAIT’s annual Family Campaign is all about keeping it in the family—and what a family it is! The SAIT family includes not only the students, staff and faculty who bring the institution to life every day, but also the people, networks and communities they are a part of.  

The SAIT Family Campaign is an annual fundraising initiative that brings employees together with one mission; to support the next generation of students. 

“Our theme this year was Mission Possible 2.0,” shares Anna Kravchik, Manager, SAIT Annual Giving. “And thanks to more than 330 donors we raised over $77,000 proving that for the SAIT family, any mission is possible!”

Should you choose to accept it …

To kick things up a notch, there were a number of missions for employees to participate and compete in, such as Activate Gratitude, where employees who sent ShoutOuts to colleagues earned 10 points. Stories of the Land had folks take a photo that best represented their relationship with the land and helps them feel connected with Treaty 7 territory.

Photos of the Land winner Aurora
Photos of the Land winner Aurora

"Last year, I welcomed a widowed father and his four children into my home as they settled in Calgary from Mexico. They were embarking on a new chapter as the father began his studies at SAIT, carrying the weight of their mother’s recent passing. In April 2023, they were blessed with a breathtaking Aurora display. As we marveled at the dancing lights, I shared with them the Cree legends that say the Aurora are the spirits of the dead who remain in the sky, trying to communicate with their loved ones here on Earth. For them, the Aurora took on a profound significance. They saw it as their mother’s spirit and Canada itself welcoming them with open arms, weaving their story into the tapestry of the land they now called home.”  — Mission Agent 2 and Photos of the Land winner.

For Your Eyes Only where agents had to snap a picture with their covert critter and cast a vote on who had the best undercover sidekick! We got a lot of PAWSitive vibes from entries like these:

Undercover agent caught in the act.Another pawsitive entry.

Maximizing momentum with priority Funds

This year, the priority funds focused on expanding student-led learning, funding basic and emergency well-being, and supporting caring networks of people across our campuses.

The SAIT Opportunities Fund helps students daily, including supporting pilot projects that bring new technology to the classroom, peer support programs, academic clubs, societies and other student activities.

The Trojan Athletics Endowment Foundation Fund supports Trojan athletes who are active in academics, athletics and community investment.

Celine Quigley, a recent Trojans Athletic Foundation student award recipient, moved from British Columbia to study at SAIT and is a member of the Trojans Women’s Basketball team.

“This scholarship has allowed me to focus on my academics and the many hours of athletic training necessary to be a part of the team. My goal is to be a certified personal trainer and to work toward being certified as a physiotherapist.”

The Kohkoms Kahsagahetin “Grandmother’s Love” fund was established to provide emergency assistance for Indigenous students in times of unforeseen financial crisis, including help with grocery cards or paying for utilities.

Growing up, Business Administration student Shawna LeBlanc didn’t have a close connection to her Indigenous roots or community. But that changed when she began attending SAIT and struggled to ensure nutritious meals for herself and her son. Shawna found a beacon of support and cultural well-being through the Natoysopoyiis resource center.

“Whenever I go in, someone asks me if I need anything, or if my son needs anything — they (Natoysopoyiis) are such a huge support,” says Shawna. As I get connected to more and more folks experiencing the same issues, I’m starting to realize how much more support is needed.”

Rally ‘round the family

SAIT’s Family Campaign serves as an annual reminder of the bond between colleagues, friends and students at SAIT, and the power of a family that comes together with a single mission. But there are more ways to get involved and support students at SAIT. Find out how you can make a difference year-round at