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You need these apps while you’re at SAIT

A phone being held in front of Heritage Hall on a sunny day with the recommended apps on the screen.
A picture-perfect collection of apps.

Set your phone up with everything you’ll need while you’re at SAIT to stay on top of your semester. We’ve got quite a list for you, so connect to wi-fi and start downloading!

The main ones — you'll use these all the time

For safety and security online and on-campus

  • SAIT ALERT | Access emergency info such as emergency procedures, contacts and a virtual safe walk. Remember to enable notifications — to be alerted in the event of an emergency.
    📱 Download Android | Download Apple
  • Microsoft Authenticator | Stay secure online with multi-factor authentication.
    📱 Download Android | Download Apple

When it’s time for online classes, meetings and group projects

When you’re on campus or getting around Calgary

Take time to work on your resilience

  • Headversity | Go through the microlessons and build the six skills of resilience with Headversity — free for SAIT students.
    📱 Download Android | Download Apple
    (passcode: SAITR8)