How one student found a way to stand out

Temi Oyewole
After deciding to grow her career in tech as a Product Manager, Temitope (Temi) Oyewole trusted her instincts to get her there.

During her time as a client operations specialist for a small software company, Temi tested out many hats. She helped improve the client experience, built internal efficiencies and received the opportunity to work with the client success and product development teams.

"My goal was always to grow my career, but I wanted to take my time, work with different areas, and assess what career path would be a good fit for me."

While working with the product development team, Temi learned to identify bugs in the software, provide feedback, and suggest new features. She soon realized she wanted to pivot to a career in tech — inevitably launching a year-long journey of networking with industry professionals and researching post-secondary institutions.

"There's a well-known school that colleagues advised I attend, and most aspiring product managers go to. But after researching SAIT, it paled in comparison. I wanted to stand out, build a community and have the chance to grow my network — I felt SAIT could offer this.”

While she was on maternity leave, Temi started SAIT's Product Management Bootcamp online, confirming her inkling.

"The instructors were amazing. Even though the program was challenging, the instructors built up our confidence, worked a lot on mindset, and encouraged us not to stress if we didn't know something."

Actions speak louder than words

In the fifth week of the Bootcamp, Temi’s instructor referred her for a position as a Product Manager. After receiving a phone call from the potential employer, Temi agreed to an interview.  

"I answered the interviewer's questions based on class discussions and my homework examples. I wouldn't have been as convincing in my interview without the hands-on examples and experiences I received from the bootcamp.”

Two weeks before the program ended, Temi received a job offer she accepted.  

"I was shocked! I didn't expect to get it, but I knew if my instructor referred me, I have valuable skills to offer. I wanted community and the chance to grow my network and that’s exactly what happened." 

Since completing the bootcamp and starting her new job, Temi's been asked to interview at two other companies. 

"I would recommend this program to everyone. I received the skills I needed and had instructors active in Alberta's tech sector who were able to provide me with career opportunities. I know I made the right choice by attending SAIT," she says.

One-year update

For Temi, the importance of the network she started at SAIT is still clear.

My focus is still growing as a product manager and I think staying connected to this network is very important to continued growth,” says Temi.

Even after I graduated the program and joined my first organization, I thought ‘I can't lose this connection.’ The tech ecosystem in Calgary is very close-knit and even though it’s not a small community, if you keep in touch with a few people in your network, those connections might offer your next opportunity — which is how I found my current role.”

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