Sculpt the perfect resume and get the job

Edward Scissorhands holding a piece of paper
With a little help from Career Advancement Services and Edward Scissorhands, you can get your application looking sharp

Is the idea of writing a cover letter and resume a bit too spooky? Don’t get scared away! With a little help from SAIT’s Career Advancement Services, even Edward Scissorhands can put together a winning application package — and we all know he has a reputation for being a pretty pointed character. 

Here are five tips to craft a scary (good) cover letter and resume.

  1. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Slice up your resume and work on one section at a time.
  2. Attend networking events to meet people in your chosen industry. These connections come in handy when it’s time to pass your resume along.
  3. Individualize your resume and show what gives you a cutting edge among the rest.
  4. Setup an appoint with Academic Coaching to sharpen your writing and research skills.
  5. Don’t cut corners. Learn new skills to include on your resume by getting involved. Join student clubs and participate in volunteer opportunities.

Find out why your job hunt starts on your first day at SAIT, and get help with your own cover letter and resume from Career Advancement Services.

Example of a cover letter

Resume example

Resume example