Part two: Plan your term like a pro

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The Fall 2022 term has officially started and now is a great time to plan your term like a pro. Plugging into some prep now can help you feel ready to manage your workload as your courses progress.

Missed part one?

Start there for tips on setting up your study space, your phone and your schedule, then pop back here to level up your plan like a pro.

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Add your course deadlines to your calendar

This week you’ll be going to your first classes, getting to know your instructors and getting an outline for each course. Don’t just stash it at the back of your notebook. Get out your schedule, whether it’s on paper, in Excel, Outlook or any number of planner options, and add the deadlines for each assignment and project, plus tests.

Final exam week is Dec. 12 – 16 for the Fall 2022 term and the schedule will be released in November. There will be a reminder in your weekly SAIT Update, so make sure you check your SAIT email and add it to your phone.

👉 Schedule regular check-ins to review your plan. Use the time to review your grades and make adjustments as needed. Here’s a guide to understanding your grades.

Polish your skills to help you in school

You’re here to learn and support is available. Make an appointment with an academic coach, find a tutor and attend a workshop or a seminar.

📅 Writing workshops (Tuesdays)

  • Anti-procrastination for papers | Sept. 6, noon
  • Sentence structure | Sept. 13, noon
  • Coherency and flow | Sept. 20, noon
  • Integrating quotes and paraphrases | Sept. 27, noon
  • Basics of plagiarism | Oct. 4, noon

📅 Success seminars (Wednesdays)

  • Activate your study skills | Sept. 7, noon
  • Master time management | Sept. 21, noon
  • Get what you need from what you read | Sept. 28, noon
  • Take better notes | Oct. 5, noon
  • Improve your memory | Oct. 12, noon

📅 Extra September sessions

  • Starting off right: Skills for in-person learning | Thursday, Sept. 8 | Registration closed
  • Mind the gap: Literature review basics | Thursday, Sept. 15
  • Peer review and you: Sharing your work | Tuesday, Sept. 20

📓 Level up your notes with Microsoft OneNote (free for current SAIT students).

📖 Want to learn more about studying and taking tests? Start with the Complete guide to studying and then check out the Complete guide to tests and exams.

🛎 Services you’ll need: Lamb Learner Success Centre for academic coaching, tutoring, testing services, and accessibility services. Reg Erhardt Library for research support, citation help, study rooms, to borrow a laptop and more.

You’re here to find your career — we’re here to help you

Create your account on My Career Hub to find events with prospective employers, job postings (for volunteering and practicum opportunities too) and to book time with a career advisor.

Now’s also the perfect time to level up your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Start with polishing your profile.
  2. Connect with your classmates to build your network — they might be your colleagues soon. 😉
  3. Add to your skills with some courses through LinkedIn Learning, which are free for SAIT students.

👉 Find out more about how to start your job hunt when you start at SAIT.

🛎 Service you’ll need: You can always reach out to Career Advancement Services for more support.

Heritage hall

SAIT backgrounds

Check out SAIT’s collection of backgrounds for Teams and Zoom to uplevel that next class or presentation.

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For the record... your Co-curricular recognition

Your SAIT experience amounts to more than just grades — it's built on everything you do while you're a student. A Co-curricular recognition helps you track, reflect on and showcase the skills you gain outside the classroom. It looks great on your resumé — and it's a good way to get involved on campus.

🤝 Find out how to get involved at SAIT this semester — many of the opportunities offer CCR.

Remember, you can meet with a counsellor

Students meet with counsellors for a variety of reasons about a broad range of concerns — maybe you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or maybe you’re questioning your program fit.

Ask yourself, what may be getting in the way of my well-being? What are the ways I can tackle and manage these concerns? If answering these questions is challenging or confusing, chances are meeting with a counsellor would be helpful.

A counsellor can work with you to recognize your strengths, develop your skills and find coping strategies that are helpful for both everyday life and times of difficulty.

🎯 Don’t wait to be in crisis or for your situation to be out of control before booking an appointment. Call 403.284.7023 or message Student Development and Counselling on MS Teams to book an appointment. Then, meet with a counsellor in person, over the phone or over Zoom.