Shout it out loud — Family Campaign peer recognition

Shout it out loud! SAIT’s annual Family Campaign is back, and that means it’s time for one of our favourite initiatives — ShoutOuts. Through the ShoutOut program, employees at SAIT have the chance to celebrate their colleagues who go that extra mile to help get things done and do it all with a smile. These short messages of encouragement allow employees to share how much they value their peers' team spirit and commitment. And it’s all in support of student success!

Every ShoutOut sent supports the SAIT Family Campaign Peer Recognition Award. These $1,000 awards have a tremendous impact on first-year students entering any SAIT degree, diploma or certificate program.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity! SAIT is such a wonderful place to study. I am enjoying the experience immensely! I will be using this award to pay off some student debt, so your contribution will help greatly.” — Andrew Evans, SAIT Family Campaign Peer Recognition recipient

A ShoutOut can brighten a colleague’s day by telling them how they make a difference in the workplace through their hard work, dedication and ability to make others laugh, and helps build a positive working environment.

A copy of a Shout Out for SAIT employee Lenore Norris.

"Your positive energy, can-do attitude, and skillful storytelling have been a fantastic addition to our team. Thank you!”

“Thanks for always being willing to support my work and jump in to do whatever, whenever! Your can-do spirit inspires me!”

New this year, we are excited to introduce a special addition to the ShoutOut initiative — the Inclusion Matters ShoutOut. These messages recognize members of the SAIT community who model inclusivity in action and work to ensure everyone feels welcome, respected and empowered to succeed. Proceeds from these ShoutOuts go towards the Inclusion Matters fund, which supports the implementation of SAIT’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

A copy of a Shout Out for SAIT employee Jodi Currie

SAIT's ShoutOut program runs from Tuesday, Feb. 22 to Thursday, March 31, with all proceeds supporting student success at SAIT. Check out these other ways to get involved in the fun!