Increase your calm

Students sitting in field on SAIT campus

Get grounded with a little help from walking meditation, create your own Zen space or access personal wellness courses online — whatever your preference, take a time out to increase your calm to help you cope with the demands of school and life.

Relax and refocus through mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can help improve memory, enhance focus and reduce negative emotions. Make a moment mindful with these tips from SAIT’s Student Development and Counselling team.

  • Look around: Name five things you see, four things you feel, three things you hear, two things you smell, one thing you taste.
  • Observe: Pick an object and slowly describe it in detail — colour, texture, shape.
  • Savour the flavour: Use all five senses during your next snack. Focus on taste, texture, temperature.
  • Take a break: Look up, look around and search for five colours. If you go for a walk, notice your feet as they hit the ground, count each step.
  • Breathe freely: Try breathing in and thinking of one thing you’re thankful for. Then breathe out and exhale one worry.

📺 Release tension through a walking meditation, connect with creative energy through mindful music and try an anxiety-reducing body scan exercise. Tune in to this mindfulness playlist on YouTube.

Sign on to self-help tools and resources

📱 Build your resilience with headversity

Train to improve your resilience where and when you like — your headversity experience is completely anonymous and personalized just for you. SAIT students can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play using passcode: SAITR8.

🍃 Untangle life's stresses and challenges with TAO

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is a collection of exercises, modules and personal wellness courses designed to help you manage your own emotional well-being. SAIT students have free, unlimited access to TAO self-help content. Sign up for TAO

💻 Campus Well e-magazine

This online health and wellness magazine features content designed specifically for post-secondary students. Topic areas include fitness, nutrition, time management, money, roommates, sleep and lots more. Learn more

Connect with support

Contact Student Development and Counselling for more useful strategies to increase your calm to help you cope with the demands of school and life — or if you just need to talk.

Focus on well-being

Maintaining positive mental health and well-being is a key factor in your success as a student, in your career and in life. There’s no magic formula, but there are ways every student can thrive at SAIT — plus resources and services to support you whether you’re studying on or off-campus.