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Kick-off the new year by investing in yourself. Leading Beyond Any Title At Breakfast is a series of free webinars from SAIT Corporate Training — bring a coffee, bring your curiosity and bring on 2022!

Leadership isn't a title, it's actions. Employees at any level can be leaders — some just need the tools.

That’s why SAIT Corporate Training is offering tips and training for the leaders of today and tomorrow through Leading Beyond Any Title At Breakfast — a series of free webinars.

“We know people are busy, so we wanted to offer quick, engaging webinars to help leaders at any level build the skills they need to be successful,” says Craig Hess, Director, Corporate Training.

The webinars are designed so participants leave each session with one big idea, two applied strategies and three questions to consider to enhance their leadership skills, the moment they jump off the call.

“These skill-building webinars represent only a small sample of how we can help organizations,” says Hess. “The more fulsome Leading Beyond Any Title offering is also available to clients as a flexible, design-as-you-go, leadership program that can help organizations develop leadership capability.”

Co-leading the conversations with Hess is Jennie Gilbert, an expert in all things 21st-century skills — collaboration, psychological safety, leadership, resilience and the like. Basically, everything you need to succeed in the new and next normal.

The opening slate of Leading Beyond Any Title At Breakfast webinars includes topics such as setting meaningful performance goals, developing mental toughness and providing safe and effective feedback — or rather, feedforward.


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