Hands-on learning gets a tune-up with donor gifted vehicles


Many students come to SAIT to experience action-based learning, and one of the most important aspects of this education is hands-on training. Whether on a power-systems simulator, a high fidelity manikin, or a brand new Ford F-150, students at SAIT have the chance to train on sophisticated equipment and technology that creates an experience similar to the real world.

Much of the equipment integral to SAIT’s training is from our donor community in the form of a gift-in-kind.

“A gift-in-kind is a non-cash donation,” says Anthony Salekin, Associate Director, Development at SAIT. “Often, items donated include equipment which helps SAIT ensure students and faculty have access to current technology. These gifts allow us to deliver the hands-on learning aspect of SAIT’s mission. ”

Recently, Ford Motor Company made a gift-in-kind donation of six vehicles for use in SAIT’s Automotive Apprenticeship program. With these vehicles, students in the four-year Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) Program alternate between hands-on learning at SAIT and on-the-job training at a Ford dealership.

“These gifts are crucial to the delivery of our program,” explains Darcy Wallace, Program Specialist for the Ford ASSET Apprenticeship program. “Not only does Ford provide vehicles, but they also deliver specialty tools and diagnostic equipment.”

man working on car nw-sait-automotive-garage-381x254.jpg

Photos captured prior to COVID-19 pandemic.


Thanks to gifts like these from our donor community, instructors at SAIT can bring real-life scenarios and best practices into the classroom. Students acquire the critical thinking and necessary skill sets to become industry-leading experts in automotive repair and maintenance.

“The Ford ASSET Apprenticeship program allows students to learn on the latest in technology and vehicle systems,” says Wallace. “This exposure to state-of-the-art vehicles and the most current scan tool software gives our apprentices not only the job-ready skills they need but the knowledge and confidence to go further in their careers.”

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