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Ethics and academic integrity help shape your SAIT experience.
Ethics and academic integrity play an important role in shaping your SAIT experience.

As a SAIT student, you will be faced with many choices — some of which may challenge your values, thoughts and behaviors. How you conduct yourself when you encounter these situations says a lot about the type of person you are, which speaks to your personal integrity.

SAIT is committed to providing an ethical learning and work environment that supports diversity and equity of all members of the SAIT community.

Our commitment is grounded in certain fundamental principles of fairness, integrity, respect, safety and transparency. Academic integrity also involves honesty, responsibility and trust. As a SAIT student, you are required to honour these values at all times so that academic integrity and freedom of intellectual inquiry are maintained.

It is your responsibility to become familiar with the ethics resources available to you. All incoming SAIT students are required to take ETHI 110 – SAIT Ethical Practices.

In this online course, you'll have an opportunity to examine your own values around academic honesty, which includes plagiarism, cheating, group work, and the consequences of unethical behavior. Through a variety of scenarios, you'll have an opportunity to test your knowledge of SAIT's Student Code of Conduct and what it means to you as a student.

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