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Strategies for being smoke free on campus

SAIT is smoke-free campus. That doesn't mean you have to quit smoking but you may be wondering how you'll adjust. Here are some tips that might help.

SAIT is a smoke-free campus. While you don’t have to quit smoking, you may be wondering how you’ll adjust.

Don’t panic. Here are some tips to help you get through the day.

If you’re currently off campus, work towards reducing now

When you do return to campus, your days will be much easier with less or no cravings — and think of those extra dollars in your pocket. Who knows, cutting back may even inspire you to quit for good.

A nicotine craving only lasts a few minutes

If you can distract yourself that long, you’ll have beaten it. Try this:

  • Chew gum — this will give your mouth something to focus on. A fresh minty taste actually reduces the desire to smoke.
  • Take a few deep breaths — this simulates the type of breath you take while inhaling smoke or vapour.
  • Keep your hands busy — they’re used to holding a cigarette, so try squeezing a stress ball, twirling a pen between your fingers or playing with a rubber band.

Break your smoker’s habits and practice new ones

By practicing the habits of a non-smoker, your day on campus will be easier. These new habits don’t have to be forever, but after a few weeks, they’ll help the cravings fade.

  • Don’t have a smoke with coffee — teach yourself to have your morning java without a craving to smoke.
  • Don’t smoke in your car or at a bus stop — make not doing it the norm, and eventually you won’t be looking for that cigarette.
  • Try not to smoke right after you eat something — keep those cravings after breaks or at lunch time at bay.

Avoid replacing cigarettes with snacks

Especially the sweet kind. Instead, drink a glass of water or have a veggie break.

Work it out

A short burst of exercise releases the same feel-good chemical in the brain that is triggered by nicotine. Climb a flight of stairs, walk around the block, or try doing star jumps or crunches for one minute.

Looking to quit smoking?

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