PLAYBOOK: Digital Talent Ecosystem 2021

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Digital talent: without a doubt, one of the most scarce resources in our province today, and arguably the most fundamental to our society’s future. Solving our digital talent gap requires a sweeping change in how we think and act, including cooperation at massive scale. It’s about trust, a collective “us,” and a shared North Star.

This is the challenge of an era.

Let’s co-create tomorrow’s talent and a competitive, thriving society and economy – together.

Welcome to the launch of the Digital Talent Ecosystem 2021 Playbook from our team at SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology — developed with expert guidance and vision from Accenture.

As a foundation, the playbook provides guidance toward a shared vocabulary that covers:

  • Digital competencies,
  • Digital talent ecosystems,
  • How multiple stakeholders and perspective might work together, and
  • Tactical themes and plays (current and future)

The playbook offers two Plays as a starting point:

  1. Adopting a framework for digital skills and readiness – so that we can have a common measurement for digital intelligence and skills maturity.
  2. Digital skills mapping – focusing on unlocking human potential in a digital age.

It is not prescriptive but meant to drive discussions, innovation, and experiments.

It is meant to drive discussion, innovation, experimentation and rapid learning as Calgary and Southern Alberta seek to address the digital talent challenge.

These plays are editable, visible and “forkable” via our SADTxSAIT GitHub repository. The playbook is published under a Creative Commons license – so feel free to edit, re-mix and re-work it for your own purposes … but bring back lessons learned to the community!

Future versions will draw on updates and collective action.

Have questions? Comments? Ideas?

Reach out and help nurture and evolve the next versions of this playbook so that Calgary can build a competitive, thriving digital society through our collective efforts.