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Most people go to post-secondary to find the path to success, whether it's to start a brand-new career or to upskill — you’re here at SAIT as part of that plan. But life happens and getting there isn’t always easy. Feel ready to overcome possible setbacks, in whatever form, by building your resilience with small daily habits, recognizing your stress (good and bad) and knowing when you might want to talk to a counsellor.

Remember, at SAIT you belong to a large community with a variety of resources and services — don’t hesitate to reach out and connect.

Build your resilience

The word resilience is everywhere these days, and for good reason, a lot has changed and we’re all working to adapt.

Why does resilience matter? Students with higher resilience skills (a.k.a. grit) tend to achieve academic success, bounce back from failure and are more adaptable than their peers with lower grades. Sound like work? It can be, but it can also be fun.

Here are five tools you can use to flex your resilience muscles every day.

Recognize your stress

Stress is not the situation itself, it’s our own belief that what’s required of us is greater than our ability. For example, exam time is demanding, but thinking we don’t have what it takes is what creates the stress.

While stress is normal, prolonged stress can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. It can encourage choices that lead to poor eating habits, smoking, alcohol consumption and inactivity. 

Being a student is exciting, but sometimes it can seem like too much — juggling home life, work, relationships and finances — on top of school. When stress levels start to rise, it can be difficult to keep your focus on the task at hand. It’s worthwhile to note that not all stress is bad and most people perform better when they are under a bit of stress.

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Learning to relax can help you manage stress. There are self-help tools and resources available to help you as a SAIT student.

Stress Less Workshop Series

Building a Stress Less Plan | Tuesday, June 8, 5 pm

Relaxation Tips and Tricks | Tuesday, June 15, 5 pm

Living and Studying Mindfully | Tuesday, June 22, 5 pm

Don’t wait for things to be too much — connect with a counsellor

SAIT counsellors are available to support you with personal, academic, career or crisis concerns.

Some questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about meeting with a counsellor are:

  • What may be getting in the way of my well-being?
  • What are some ways I can manage these concerns?

If answering these questions is challenging or confusing, chances are meeting with a counsellor would be helpful.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to wait to be in a crisis or for your situation to be out of control before booking an appointment.

What are some good reasons to meet with a counsellor?

Students meet with counsellors for unique and varied reasons, here are some examples for you to consider.

  • Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s hard to keep up with assignments and deadlines while also dealing with personal responsibilities. This may turn into changes in sleep or appetite or reduced social connections. Working with a counsellor may help you learn strategies to help ease this stress.
  • You may realize your program is not what you thought it was going to be. Working with a counsellor may help you discover tools to help inform a better fit for an academic program and professional career.

Bottom line: Current SAIT students can meet with counsellors anytime virtually. They’ll work with you to recognize your strengths, develop your skills and find coping strategies that are helpful for both everyday life and times of difficulty.

Book an appointment with a counsellor

Focus on well-being

Having a healthy mind is a major factor in your success as a student, in your SAIT experience, in the workplace and in life. There’s no magic formula — it’s different for everyone — but there are ways every student can thrive at SAIT.

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