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The DX Talent Hub launches its first bootcamp for professionals

With the ripple effects of an unstable energy sector and the onset of the COVID-economy, Silvia Contreras took the news of her recent layoff as an opportunity to reflect and plan the next steps in pivoting her career.

Silvia Contreras is among the first cohort of the Applied Machine Learning Bootcamp to be offered out of the DX Talent Hub.


“I’ve worked in the energy industry since 2006. Over the past six years I’ve been laid off three times,” says Contreras. “I started to explore other industries and soon found there was an increasing demand for tech-focused jobs where I could use my transferable skills while acquiring new ones.”

While enrolled in the Open Studies program at SAIT, Contreras received an email about an upcoming information session introducing the new Applied Machine Learning Bootcamp to be offered out of the Digital Transformation (DX) Talent Hub in SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology

The DX Talent Hub is a nerve centre bringing together the best of training, resources and talent within the Calgary tech ecosystem. Through partnerships, such as AI solutioning firm Braintoy and educational foundation company InceptionU, the DX Talent Hub team develops two streams of programming — workforce-related training and bootcamp-style — to provide the necessary framework and skills for individuals and organizations to overcome challenges presented by digital disruption.

Lora Bucsis, Manager of Digital Adoption and Training at SAIT’s DX Talent Hub, is leading the Applied Machine Learning Bootcamp, which launched on Feb. 1. The 12-week, full-time program is part of the Digital Adoption Training series to empower professionals that are looking to upskill or transition careers.

“The program has been designed for mid-career professionals that have domain expertise — they understand the problems and opportunities their role or industry would be facing. They also understand how things work well enough but want to make them better,” explains Bucsis. “An example where it could be considered is looking at energy usage. Machine learning can be used to understand energy consumption and predict when there may be an increase in demand on the electrical grid and ensure there is enough in store to balance that load when needed.”

Fast-track to a digital-powered career

The Applied Machine Learning Bootcamp is the first of many programs to be offered out of the DX Talent Hub. The 12-week programs are designed to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of digital skills in Calgary’s economy now and into the future. The DX Talent Hub offers “just-in-time” programming to address the current needs of industry and to help workers stay relevant in the changing digital economy.

Since starting the bootcamp, Contreras has felt like a whole new world of opportunities has been revealed.

“The program has expanded my mindset. I’ve learned my soft skills are as important as my hard skills to successfully transition into other industries, especially now that more and more companies across industries are adopting digital transformation” says Contreras. “I’m excited to break into a new industry.”

“I really got caught up where it says ‘this bootcamp is intended for mid-career workers looking to upskill or pursue a new career path’. I saw myself in this email,” shares Contreras. “Immediately I felt like the email was addressed to me.”


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