#SAITfaces: Dawson Thomas

“There is always room for us to be more diverse, more daring, more bold and more inclusive."

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Meet our #SAITfaces

Meet Dawson Thomas — SAIT Student Pride Leader, president of the Saitsa Pride Club, vice chair of the Saitsa Board of Directors, first-year Hospitality Management student and #SAITfaces feature face.⁣⁣

In case his titles weren’t a giveaway, Dawson is a champion of inclusion #hereatSAIT — something he set out to become both to make the best of a challenging year due to COVID-19, and to support fellow LGBTQ2+ students.⁣⁣

“As a two-spirited Indigenous person, I always sort of struggled with my identity and culture. I was unsure if I was going against my family’s beliefs, but came to learn LGBTQ2+ members of our community are highly celebrated.”⁣⁣

“Now, I want to give a voice to other LGBTQ2+ students and do my part to pay tribute to what makes each of us unique. I also hope to give the Indigenous LGBTQ2+ population more representation.⁣⁣”

Dawson sees SAIT’s five-year Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy as an opportunity for everyone at SAIT to reflect and forge a better future together.⁣⁣

“There is always room for us to be more diverse, more daring, more bold and more inclusive. We have a responsibility to look at our mistakes, own up to them, educate ourselves and seek to improve.”⁣⁣

“It’s important to know my school is putting our students’ lifestyles first and that I’m part of a school that accepts and endorses the LGBTQ2+ community.”⁣⁣