Staying social during COVID-19 #hereatSAIT

How SAIT’s eGaming League has become a social lifeline.

For second-year Radio, Television and Broadcast News (RTBN) student Lynn Mathers, online gaming isn’t new for her — she has been gaming for nearly 10 years and reaps the benefits.

“You meet new people, learn new skills, and pick up a new hobby all at the same time. Having fun, even online, is so much more important than people even realize,” says Mathers.

A social lifeline

With the cancellation of all on-campus face-to-face activities, SAIT students haven’t had the experience of getting to know people in class or at in-person events, fortunately, virtual student groups like SAIT’s eGaming League give everyone an opportunity to socialize.

“The group gives students a fun and safe environment to get together outside of class time,” says Sarah Ward, Student Engagement Facilitator, SAIT Student Engagement Office.

With eGaming growing exponentially worldwide, the Student Engagement Office saw this trend as an opportunity for the SAIT community to have fun and share a laugh with friends — old and new — and stay in touch on a regular basis.

“Just before the winter break, we introduced the eGaming League at SAIT as a way to give students and staff a way to connect outside of the class and work, and this has been the perfect way to do so,” says Ward. “Students in the league have been gaming daily and are really connecting, which has been nice to see.”

Mathers agrees. “It’s really great because you can meet like-minded people or people that are interested in the same game as you. You can ask others to play with you, have contests, join in on game nights — it’s basically a big hang out for people who enjoy gaming.”

SAIT students will have the chance to hone their new skills during the first in-house ‘school vs. school’ Winter eGaming Tournament happening Feb. 18 – 20, 2021.

“We’re excited to see the students and staff come together to compete and enhance the SAIT school spirit. Four students from the LEADS program have been recruited to assist with the development and delivery of the league and tournament. We also have some RTBN students supporting the tournament with running the commentary and prepping graphics and videos. It will be really fun to see all of these elements come together for the live stream on Twitch,” says Ward.

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