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Stepping up on Giving Day

sait giving day 2020

When retired programer and analyst Ted Gordyko (CT ’72) heard there was a need to support the SAIT Opportunities Fund (SOF) this fall, he didn’t hesitate.

“I heard the SOF was the one in greatest need of support at the time, so that’s where the money went,” says Gordyko. “Hopefully this gives some people the opportunity to make a good living eventually.”

Gordyko has been a long-time supporter of student success at SAIT, giving to initiatives flagged as the most in need. In 2017 he established an Entrance Award for students in SAIT’s  School of Information and Communications Technologies*.

For Gordyko, support for student success through the SAIT Opportunities Fund is the best use of his investment. “If you’ve got some money you can be generous,” he says. “And there was a long time when I didn’t have very much money. But when you have enough, the excess can be put to good use.”

Gordyko knows times are hard now but he hopes his support can give students a lift up. “It’s pretty tough to come out of school and the odds are against you,” he says. “Hopefully this gives them a step up to get going in life.”

Providing support where and when needed most

The SAIT Opportunities Fund helps SAIT students every day by supporting programs and projects not covered by tuition or government. Examples include peer support programs, academic clubs and societies, and other many other student activities.

“We are very appreciative of our donors who, like Ted, have provided matching funds to support the SAIT Opportunities Fund on Giving Day 2020,” says Anthony Salekin, Associate Director, Major Gifts & Sponsorship at SAIT.

“Gifts to the SAIT Opportunities Fund are the most important gifts of all because it enables SAIT to respond quickly and flexibly when using the funds where they are needed most, when they are needed most by our students,” he explains.

Recently, the SOF supported a peer mentorship and English conversations partners program that connects students and fosters a sense of connection and belonging within the SAIT community. When classes moved to online learning, SOF funding was quickly deployed to help students build confidence and success strategies for new and unexpected ways of learning.

Be a champion for excellence

Giving Day is inspired by SAIT champions like Gordyko ― students, graduates, donors and employees who, through excellence, collaboration, philanthropy and creativity, improve our campus, our city and our world.

On Thursday, Oct. 15 join us for a 24-hour fundraising challenge in support of student success at SAIT. Learn how you can be a champion at sait.ca/givingday.

*As of Jan. 3 2022, SAIT's School for Information and Communications Technologies has joined the School for Advanced Digital Technology. Learn more about our boldest transformation yet.