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Virtual etiquette

The do’s and don’ts of meeting online
The do's and don'ts of meeting online

Today’s new reality has made online interaction the norm. Whether attending online lectures, completing group work remotely or meeting with potential employers, it’s important to understand the do’s and don’ts of digital decorum.

Follow these tips from SAIT’s experts in Career Advancement Services to put your best digital foot forward when meeting online.


Set up in a quiet space free of distractions.

Turn off Netflix and set your phone to do not disturb.

Ensure your internet connection is strong.

Experiencing slow internet? Try resetting or repositioning your router, or use an ethernet cable.

Light your face.

When it comes to video calls, straight-on lighting is best. Whatever you do, don’t light yourself from behind — dramatic silhouettes have their place, but not on a Zoom call.

Dress appropriately.

When in doubt, go for business casual.

Mute your microphone until you need to speak.

Save others from the sounds of typing, shuffling and clicking.

Speak up and make sure you’re heard.

Project your voice, enunciate and ensure you check your microphone ahead of time.

Stay seated during meetings.

There are exceptions to this rule of course, but in general, show respect for others on the call by staying put.


Eat on camera.

Your kale chips can wait.

Have multiple tabs open when sharing your screen.

Keep it simple and easy to navigate — close what you don’t need.

Have anything distracting or unprofessional in the background.

Look at what your camera is capturing behind you. Don’t like what you see? Blur your background or replace it with another image — try one of these fun options from SAIT!

Connect with Career Advancement Services to become career ready in the digital realm, and start making new connections with these tips for virtual networking.

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