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Class act: what the class of 2020 wants to be known for

We asked, they answered
We asked, they answered

There's something unique about every graduating class. While the class of 2020 will be remembered for graduating during the first global pandemic since 1918, there's more to their story than that. We asked the soon-to-be members of the SAIT Alumni Family what they want to be known for — here’s what they shared with us via Instagram:


We asked, they answered
📷: @esslinger

“Perseverance. This isn’t the kind of ending we all had in mind, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from it all, it’s that the class of 2020 will be ready for whatever the future holds.” @esslinger

“The class of 2020 should be remembered as being resilient and patient.” @kalopsia.17

“For our perseverance. Having online classes at a hands-on school is no easy feat. We did it! @theshlebshow

“The fact that we never gave up and proved how resilient we could be.” @_maddiemillerr

“Perseverance. We learned to adapt and be strong in an event you can’t plan for.” @mishhubs


We asked, they answered
📷: @dellyromain

“Dedication to complete, no matter how uncertain things were!!” @meow16x

“Warriors 2020.” @karankapoor55

“How strong we are to overcome. Though it seemed so dark. We did it #SAIT2020!” @dellyromain

“Navigating uncertainty.” @aletedelimon

… And everything in between

We asked, they answered
📷: @anchitsingh01

“Going through a time that is so unique, our class bond is stronger. And our experience will set us apart in the future searching for jobs.” @brianna.radio

“Team work and patience.” @anchitsingh01

“SAIT was my dream come true <3” @leticialbarbosa

Virtual convocation

Relive the magic and celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2020. Tune in to SAIT’s virtual Spring 2020 Convocation Ceremony.

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