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SAIT President celebrates student leadership through annual awards

saits presidents awards 2020

The SAIT President’s Awards recognize and celebrate students and student groups who are inspirational, passionate and innovative in their efforts to make a difference here at SAIT and in our community.

“At SAIT we pride ourselves on building career-ready graduates, our students work hard to acquire the skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields. The annual President’s Awards recognize these exceptional students for their outstanding achievements and commitment to reaching their goals.” says Dr. David Ross, President and CEO.

President's Medal

In honour of SAIT’s centennial in 2016, the President’s Medal was introduced to celebrate outstanding student achievement. The Medal recognizes a student who has made significant contributions to campus life, demonstrated leadership with industry and attained excellence in their field of study. 

This year, two students have been chosen to receive the President’s Medal. Ryan Morstad and Yatendra Solanki were chosen for their dedication to improving campus life and strengthening SAIT’s reputation in the community.

ryan morstad presidents medal

Ryan Morstad is a fourth-year Business Administration student with a passion for pushing boundaries. Since 2016, Morstad has made his mark at SAIT, taking on many roles including President and co-founder of the Calgary Surf Club (SAIT), and serving as a member of Academic Council, Chair of the SAIT Students' Association (Saitsa) Board of Directors and, most recently, as Saitsa President. Majoring in Financial Services in the School of Business, Morstad exemplifies what it means to be a stellar student and community leader.

yatendra solanki presidents medal

Power Engineering student Yatendra Solanki has the ability to inspire those around him through his leadership and humble approach. Solanki brings his passion for creating an inclusive experience for international students at SAIT by volunteering as President of the South Asian Students’ Society of SAIT, serving on the Saitsa Board of Directors, and as a mentor with the SAIT Peer Mentorship program. Solanki is the epitome of a truly engaged student – both in and outside of the classroom.

President’s Student Leadership Award

The President’s Student Leadership Award recognizes a student group that has demonstrated innovation and initiative in creating opportunities and advancements for SAIT, their fellow students, industry and the community.

beta sigma tau presidents medal

This year, the award went to SAIT’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa academic honour society, Beta Sigma Tau (BST). The society has been working tirelessly to help students achieve their full potential through development, scholarships and volunteer opportunities. In 2018, BST achieved five-star chapter status and in 2019 was recognized with the Highest Student Engagement Award at the Phi Theta Kappa National Conference. BST demonstrates thoughtfulness and innovation through its volunteerism and community efforts.

SAIT congratulates the 2020 award recipients for going above and beyond in providing leadership, entrepreneurship and support for inclusive, community-minded projects and activities here at SAIT and in our communities.